May 20th, 2005


Happy Birthday Smudge!

Smudgie turned 6 today! My little girl is growing up! I still remeber the day I brought her home and her little ears flopped over and she was small enough to curl up in my lap and sleep. Not she's a whole 21 lbs of love and spoiledness!

We made her a "bone cake" out of the Pedigree mushy dog food. I only gave her 1/2 because she's A) Going to have some serious gas and B) the runs. I "decorated" it with snack bones and dog food :P And of course a big pink candle, but she's afraid of fire (bad firework experience) so she stayed away untill I blew it out :P

We also got her a new toy. It's one of those squeakers with the 2 ends that they're suppose to grab in the middle? Like this O=O Well the ends are cow heads :P Her old one had soccer balls but it's pretty dead. She LOVES unwrapping things so she had the most fun tearing off the wrapping paper. She's now destroying the new toy as I speak, trying to bite off it's horns. She's holding the stupid thing verticle in her paws and chewing off it's horns in a grunting manner. Brat. Poor cow.

We didn't get pictures since our camera decided to take a crap on us. URG!
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