May 23rd, 2005

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I need more advice for Wilbur

Well, it's been 2 weeks now (I think) and Wilbur and I are working out our quirks. He's doing really well, he's such a jubilant happy little thing. One of our main problems is that he does'nt listen to me. He is my first dog, I've only ever had cats and he just does'nt act like a cat. I had no problem training my cats. They all (except for my kitten) listen to me when I tell them "no". I think it's because I'm the "nice one". If my boyfriend tells him no, Wilbur stops what he's doing and goes into his little corner where he sleeps. If I tell Wilbur no, it's party time.

I take him to work with me. I work graveyard shift in the ICU of a veterinary hospital. I work alone for the most part. He has fun going nuts all night running around the hospital. I put him in a cage if I'm working on another animal or if I just need a break from his energy and he's fine with it, he usually just goes to sleep. In the morning when everyone comes in for the day shift, it's too busy to have him running around so I put him in a cage. It's at this time and only this time, particularly when I am giving rounds to the day shift, that Wilbur decides to make this horrible shrieking whine sound. He WILL NOT listen to me when I yell "NO!" at him. I've tried clapping my hands and yelling no in conjunction, he just gets louder. At home and when we're alone at work, he's perfectly silent. It literally is one of the worst sounds I've ever heard, especially when one has been up all night. One of the doctors even commented how funny it is that Wilbur only listens when he wants to, which is a bad thing. I don't want them deciding that I can't take him in to work with me. Because of his disability and because on weekends I'm at work more then I am at home, I can't leave him alone.

He's also becoming aggressive at odd times. At the bus stop in the morning there is a patch of grass that Wilbur has become very protective of. If anyone else decides to wait for the bus too, he growls and barks at them. He even tried to pick a fight with a pitt bull the other morning for walking near us and the patch of grass, which is an extremely stupid thing for a small wobbly dog to do. I literally had to catch him by his harness. And at these times when he is being aggressive, he again, will NOT listen to me.

Also, an update on how he is doing health wise... I had one of the doctors I work with check his gait because he's been scraping up his toes on the concrete when we go for walks. As a result of his neuro condition, his inner thigh muscles are underdeveloped causing him to swing out his back legs which is causing him to drag his feet. Now he has to wear booties on all four feet and he HATES it. He's getting used to it, but when I first put them on, he acts as if he is paralyzed. I call it bootyitis: acute paralysis caused by booties. He knows I won't fall for it though and will eventually get up and walk. I've also been trying to do physical therapy on him to build up his inner thighs, but it's just extremely difficult to do on a dog who won't sit still.

This was really long, sorry. I need to get a camera so I can post cute pictures of him.


I would like all your valued opinions on spaying/neutering. I know someone with a male Boston terrier who is contemplating whether to neuter his 5 month old boston terrier pup. He is worried that it will change his personality and make him gain weight. I am trying to explain to him that the chances of that happening are quite rare, and that if he maintains the right amount of food he shouldnt gain weight and that his personality shouldnt change much. He might be less aggressive thats all.

What I would like to know is your experiences with spaying/neutering. Did any of your dogs change? Was it for the better or the worse? Did they gain weight? Are they lazy or are they still wild and fun like bostons are???

thanks guys


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Someone sent this via my other boston group, so if anyone can help, please do!  It's just breaking my heart...

Boston Terrier

Size: Small
Age: Senior
Sex: Female
I.D: Bitsy

Notes: FOUND!! This dog was found near Hull and Grand.
Available for Adoption: 5/23/05

Probable Euthanasia Date: 5/27/05-5/30/05

If you're interested in this dog, please call or email right away.
The shelter's policy is "first come, first served" so they are
unable to "hold" animal for prospective adopters. If you live a
distance away, we recommend you call to see if the animal you are
interested in is still available before making the trip.

Always check out our home page to see when this list was last
updated. Our news section will always let you know if there's been a
problem updating the site.

This pet is: altered

City of Clovis Animal Control
Clovis, NM

boston terrier cute

Oh & one more thing...

Has any of your babies every been sunburned!? I feel like such an abusive mother but I didnt know dogs burned.... Is it ok to put sunscreen on their heads and stuff? I cant put it around his eyes because im sure it would get in his eyes and that would be bad.. so what do you think?



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Hello all,
I am actually looking for some advice. A little background first.

My 1 1/2 yr old boston terrier Misty used to attend this wonderful daycare for small dogs and unfortunately they had to get rid of the girl that used to pick the dogs up in the city (Boston) which left my Misty and a bunch of other neighbors without a daycare. Since then, I've hired a dog walker to walk Misty and my neighbor's dog Cheetara (yorkie) and after their walk leave them together in my kitchen to keep each other company until I get home.
I've noticed that since Misty stopped going to daycare and now that the winter is gone, she has become very feisty towards dogs she doesn't know especially big dogs. I have been taking her to the park to socialize her but she is still doing it. She is fine with the dogs that live in the same building/she went to daycare with but even those that she has played with before but didn't go to daycare with she is now very evil to them.

There are some new dogs in my building and she is horrible to them!
I am starting to worry A LOT!
I tried to socialize her since a young pup because I didn't want her to be this way but now that she is no longer going to daycare she has become an evil bitch.

She is starting a new daycare in June and even though I've explained to them what has been happening with Misty, I am afraid she might get rough with some of the other pups and get kick out.
She is the sweetest dog with people and absolutely loves the dogs she knows. She is also very protective of the yorkie that spends time with her and I am afraid that while trying to play "mom" for this little yorkie she might get into trouble while at daycare when the other doggie tries to play with others.

Any advice, comments, tips??? Anything.....! 

Thanks : )

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More Kermit news

Ok, so Kermit is officially enrolled in doggy training classes! We start on Wed night :) I hope we learn a lot. She is doing the Petsmart basic training program so if any of you have done it and have any tips please share!
And Kermit has made a new friend! My husband's cousin has a lab mix and so she brought Haley over the other night. They loved each other and had so much fun! When they left I picked Kermie up and she was soaking wet from all the drool :) My only worry was for my furniture! ha ha...big labs do not fit under the coffee table as well as little bostons... hee hee
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Hey there..

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So, I figured I hadn't posted a picture of the pupps on here in a while. She is doing well, though she has been shaking a bit (she has epilepsy), but she seems happy and bouncy as usual. This was this morning, so it is as up to date as you can get. :)

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Puppies!!!! (Sorry if not allowed)

Hey is anyone in the VA/DC/MD/DE/NJ/Philly area looking for a BT puppy????

The organizer of Boston Terrier Meet-Up in Northern Virginia has 15 week old male boston terriers.
There are 5 male puppies available that are really anxious for a new home.
They are 15 weeks old, so really are ready for their own home. These are real cutie pies...two have show markings and AKC and more expensive ($950), but the others are CKC and $775 each.

Also....our soon to be BT gave birth a couple weeks back and her two female puppies will also be available. And there is another dog (Tater) who still has two females that remain to be unsold. These pups would be ready for pick up around June 15.
The breeders females normally are sold through her waiting list, but people on waiting list have been slow to respond, so she is opening these up to the market.

She also has male pups, but if you are interested in male pups, the 15 week old males really need a home.

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Sorry if the pitcures are big.