May 24th, 2005

Doggie Love!!!

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I got a Snuggle Sack in the mail yesterday!
Chris ordered it for me on the sly and I was very confused when there was a round package in my mailbox I didn't know about.
You did good, Chris!

So far, Ruby has sniffed it, slept on it, and it slowly working her way into the sack.

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Tennis Ball Mania

Last night, Diesel insisted on playing with one of his tennis balls. I threw that dang ball for well over an hour and a half. ( I timed it by the shows we had on the tube, one episode of Still Standing and 2 episodes of Two and a Half Men.) The tennis ball was wringing wet with slobber gobber by the time he had his fill of the game. Not a lot of variety in the pictures, but here they are!

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Trip to the vet... :(

My poor little Baxter went to the vet today for his second checkup. Of course that means more shots for the little guy. I guess they must have really hurt him because he is not his normal little self. We didn't go to the main guy for some reason (I wish we would have now but we didn't really have a choice.) I knew he had to get one shot but the vet also recommended this other shot for when he goes to puppy classes. Anyway, the last time we went to the vet he didn't even yelp when he got his shot. But this time was completely different. He would not sit still at all and he was traumatized by the time we got him home. :( Also the vet checked his little ears and apparently Baxter has yeast in his ears. I guess that's the same thing as an ear infection. They were concerned about him because he just turned 3 months on the 20th and it's bad that this is happening so early. He has ear drops that we have to give him 2 times a day and he is too young for the oral medicine. All I know now is that he is SO mad at everyone right now that he won't even look at us. I feel so horrible. I just hope he perks up tomorrow because he little neck hurts so bad that he cries when you touch it. :'( Everyone keep little Baxter in your thoughts.
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