May 25th, 2005

Hello !

Hello every-1 at BostonBuddies !

It seems that right soon after I had the pleasure to join I went on an extended trip ----- and to my dismay ----- when I came back home my computer had --- yes --- died. It has been looked at and is in the computer hospital but it needs a lot of work. I am lucky enough to be using a friends computer today so I may check my email as they now have -very very very- strict restrictions on the internet at work. That may be because of my slight ------ addiction !

I have some photographs of my babys to post though - I had one of those CD's made while getting photographs of my trip developed. Very cool service - has anyone else ever used it? Kodak does it.

I hope you are all well and that your puppies are just as well ! My computer should be working within 2 weeks or about-there they said --------- now to see if they will take payments on the bill ! The $$$ so far has been ----- well ----- scary.

Cannot wait to show you photographs and to talk to you all soon !

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millie has been away from boston buddies for awhile. we really missed you guys. i just thought i'd post an oldie and soon there will be updates. millie has grown! but she isn't a pudge quite yet. :) hope everyone is doing very very well!

{ millie doing some stretches...}

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Hi everyone! I'm new to the community. Lemme tell you a little about my special little girl.

Bonnie is my 4 year old Boston terrier. She is the first Boston I have owned, although my dad had a slew of them growing up. Unfortunately, I'm in college and Bonnie still lives with my parents, but I still get to visit.

I'm not sure the rules about posting pics, so I'll wait a bit before getting some of my quirky gal up. :)
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Hi everyone! I've been in this community for a while and I've never posted pictures.  

Introducing my 2 year old doghter, Tiki

Tiki when she was 2 months old.

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American Idol

Has anyone else seen the Boston puppy on American Idol?!?!? He/She made a brief apperance last week on Carrie 's home visit and tonight was featured as her youngest fan (and they said the cutest dog ever)! :)
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we usually keep Lucy's food well stocked so she can eat whenever she want... now that she is a big girl. well, she went (LITERALLY) about five minutes without food this evening since she finished off the bowl. Mike went to fill it and then went off to watch the Pistons game and we look over, and there is LUCY BURYING HER FOOD WITH HER WATER. Thats right folks, she is pushing her face in the water and splashing it over her food

She used to be really bad when it came to burying her food and water, she would run all around the dish when she was finished pushing her face around it.... which is one of the reasons that we leave her food out all the time, or she will carry little mouthfuls of it and burying them around the house :-p Once we came home and every 5ish inches all along the wall there were little mouthfuls of dry dog food. I SWEAR we don't starve her!!!! now she is running around sneezing because she got water in her nose.