May 27th, 2005

  • asavas

neutering recovery time

hi everyone :) i have an appointment to get geech neutered next week, but i just found out i won't be able to take the next day off work. do you think he will be okay by himself the day after, or should i move the appointment?

here's two pictures of our "little" guy...he's 6 months old and 25 pounds! huge!

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Kitty cat

(no subject)

Hi! My name is Brittany and I love Boston Terriers! I live in Alaska and was wondering if anyone could refer me to a good breeder in the Seattle area? Or if anyone knows of a rescue program for adult dogs that would be fantastic, too. Thanks a lot!

games and toys

Today I was reading this article on games to play with your dog, and near the end, it mentions that you can use those games to teach you dog how to pick up his or her toys and put them in the toybox. It sounds really cute! But I was wondering if anyone had any more specific ways to teach it. The article mentions teaching "find your toy" and things like that, but how would you expand that to teach the dog to get ALL the toys, and put them ALL in the toybox. Has anyone done anything like that, before? Would it be a difficult thing to teach?

Getting it on

For all the owners with female Bostons, do yours "have needs" that they just *have* to fullfill?

Smudge tends to get it on with my giant talking Eeyore and/or my lifesize stuffed Collie. It's annoying, because I put them in the back corner of my room, and they end up in the hallway. All she has to do is see them out and she immediatly starts going at them as if she were a male. It's quiet funny really. Especially when she triggers Eeyore to talk and he says, "Gimme a hug." Well she certainly hugs him allright. That poor thing is filthy on it's neck from where she licks him.

Gross little dog.

Anyway, how do you guys deal/solve this. It's just creepy. Poor Eeyore never gets any time to himself.