May 28th, 2005

it's been a while....

whoa... I just realized that I havent been here in a looong time.
a little update on Bo. I had to take him to the vets twice this past week and it turns out he has an ulcer. My poor little guy. He's doing better now since they put him on meds and a new special diet. So heres to hoping he gets better. Although his knee is getting worse and he will need to have surgery to fix that soon. :(
anyways... Here are a few pics of the little man doing what he does best....

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Kahlua has a bump on her nose, and it's getting bigger by the day. When we took her to the vet Thursday for a follow-up appointment, we mentioned it to the vet and she said that it looked like it was just her nose forming into it's supposed-to-be shape, but to watch it and call her if it gets bigger.

Since Thursday, it's gotten bigger! We've googled "dog bumps on nose" and found a couple things about could be cryptococcosis (a fungal infection carried in bird poop that affects the nasal cavities and causes a "nodule" on the nose), a foreign object that has gotten lodged inside her nose and is now infected, a skin syst, or a tumor!! :*(

We're going to take her back to the vet this week and ask if they can do an x-ray, or tap into it or something that will confirm exactly what it is. And if they still insist it's nothing, we're going to get a second opinion cause that's just not natural, and it's growing at such a rapid pace. She's eating, drinking and pooping just fine. And she plays just as hard as ever, so I don't think it's something that's too compromising to her health, or if it is hopefully we've caught it early.

At first we thought it might just be that she bumped her nose, cause she's such a clumsey goofball, but it's been 2 weeks now since we first noticed it, and it's just gotten bigger and bigger.

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Do you find that when your Boston gets exceptionally excited it is even stinkier than usual?

Last night we were invited to a BBQ and our friends said, "bring Vinnie!" so we did. Where he proceeded to embarass us to death with an unending stream of gas. It was pretty horrific. And the poory guy just couldn't figure out why people didn't want him near them because he LOVES people.

We can't - for the life of us - figure out why it was SO bad! The only thing we thought of is because he got SO excited at first that he sucked in alot of air when saying his 'hellos' when we first got there. You know the leaping happy snorting boston behaviour! :)

Back to home and today he's a loveable (not so stinky!) angel again.

Fly ball / agility

Do any of you have your Bostons in fly ball, agility, or other similar activity?

We'd love to put Vinnie in it when he gets a bit older. Tonight we had him jumping over planter boxes in the back yard for toys and he LOVED it. Was so excited. Guess we'll have to go buy a hula hoop and see if he'll jump through it!