May 31st, 2005


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Hello all,

question for the mommies that have bostons in warmer climates...and anyone else that may know!
I will be traveling to the caribbean with Misty in August and the weather tends to know..EXTRA hot compared to here. I know that bostons don't do so well in extreme weather.

Any tips, comments?
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boston terrier cute

More Hog in the water

*edited to say: Hog loved the water! My boyfriend kept throwing his stick further and further and one time he went completely underwater!!! I screamed so damm loud and my boyfriend went running but hog came back up with the stick in his mouth! hahha




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Warning! Lots of pics :)

Kermit has found her new favorite spot in the house - in the sunspot created by the sliding glass doors! The other day, we were watching a movie so we closed the blinds, and she wasn't having that, so she weaved herself into the blinds :)
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And thanks to Joey, Kermit has her very own fat cat toy! My husband (who was not so happy we were buying yet another toy!) insisted we get the skunk since it looked like Kermie and since she is a "stinker" :) Kermit loves it! She played with him for over 2 hours straight last night!
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eight year old me


I don't want to jinx anything, but Danny and I may have a new little piglet in our lives tomorrow.

We went to the shelter today (the second time in four days) to inquire about Bostons and visit the puppies, and the woman working said they knew of a a little runaway Boston that needed a home. I was completely spastic and immediately called the woman who found him. Apparently, he's already been promised to someone else, but the woman said she wasn't sure if that living situation was going to work out and would let me know tonight or tomorrow.

If we get that little rat, we're going to call him Francis Bacon. Lunchie always wanted a sister or brother named Francis, a name passed down the pet-line in my family which originated with Francis the Goat. Francis was a runaway goat that my (then-12-year-old grandmother) rescued during after one of the great floods in Louisiana in the 1930's. Because all of the houses had been damaged, most of the town slept in tents on top of the levee until it was safe to go back home. At night, she'd sneak the goat into her tent and my great-grandfather would hear it snorting. He'd say, "Leta Faye, I know that goddamned goat is in here. Get that thing out of this bed." And she'd giggle and tell the goat to be quiet, and pull it under the covers. He was gruff about getting the goat outside, but he let it sleep in the tent every night. :) And Bacon stands, of course, because he's a little pig.

Lunchbox will be so proud to have a baby brother. Please keep little unclaimed Francis Bacon in your thoughts tonight-- we hope he gets a happy, loving home, even if it can't be with us.

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And update on Kahlua:

We went to the vet today, and told her that the bumpy has gotten way bigger since Thursday. And she agreed, and took Kahlua to have some other vets look at her, and their conclusion is that she most likely has an infection. So they took the safe route and gave her some Clavamox, to take for 2 weeks. If the bump doesn't go away or at the very least look smaller in that amount of time, they'll probably have to open it up. :( But at least we're on the road to figuring out what it is! I'm very optimistic that it's an infection, and not something bad, and the vet agreed that because of her young age it's probably nothing too serious.

So thanks to all for your support! We both feel SO MUCH BETTER now!!!! And I'm sure Kahlua will too, once that bumpy goes away!
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lost BT

I am not sure if there are any Canadians on here but I thought I would post this just in case... I am a member of another Boston board and she has lost here dog Memphis... here is her post with some info...and if you are like me and are no where near Canada, keep them in your thoughts! It breaks my heart...
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