June 1st, 2005

boston terrier pics

Here are a few more pictures from the dog party on sunday the 15th of may. Amelie took 2nd place in the best dressed contest and the big giant orange frog was one of her prizes, as you can see she loved her prize. She tore it to pieces and threw stuffing EVERYWHERE. Luckily she is smart enough not to eat the stuffing. The picture with all the grey didn't upload properly cause it was such a huge file, but if you could have seen the whole picture it would have been full of stuffing at the end, it was a huge pile of it. Sadly my computer sucks. sorry. but I thought the pics were cute, so I am posting for you all to see.
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Kurt Halsey <3

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So the puppy has demodex (demodectic) mange on the side of his forehead (I am starting Ivermectin treatment for this tomorrow morning), and both his back legs have luxating patellas and are pretty stiff. The vet seemed very disappointed, but says surgery is not worth the pain it would put him in unless he should go lame. He is walking and running just fine though, so he's alright for the time being. He says it is going to be a constant thing with him, and he will have to stay nice and fit and not be the slightest bit over weight, or it can aggravate his knees. Poor baby :(. I am strongly considering trying to keep him if at all possible. My "landlords" (boyfriend's sister and bro-in-law) aren't crazy about the idea, but I would feel better knowing he is definitely going to get the care and extra attention he needs.

Anyone have any experience with bad knees?