June 2nd, 2005


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oh my goodness! i've seen cute pictures of puppies, but these for some reason are ridiculously cute.

i'm talking about the first puppy on this page... pictures 1, 6, and 7 of him especially. i cant get over it.

Raquet Balls.

Anyone else's BTs LOVE raquet balls? Charlie will play with it all over the house, popping it out of his mouth to chase it for seemingly hours on end. When he gets it stuck (under the couch/bed or behind something) he'll lay/stand--see icon--there looking at it and does this very distinctive bark and whine...until we come get it out for him.
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I am new here :)

I have a 'Boxster' Seamus. He is a Boston Terrier / Boxer mix and if I do say so my self he is one cute little bastard! I have been told he is the perfect mix of BT/Boxer attitude and if that is true I can see why people fall in love instantly with BT's! oh my god what personalities!

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A little more info

Sorry guys for more of this but I wanted to update..a couple of days ago I posted about a lost BT named Memphis. I unfortunately at the time did not the area of Canada in which he was lost...and I have finally found out. St Marys Church in Yorkton,Saskatchewan - Canada. So if there are any of you in that area please keep you eye out for him. Thanks a bunch!