June 4th, 2005

Boston's Rule

Boston Gathering...

My babies are laying around the house, too pooped to do anything else.  We went to a Boston gathering today (formerly Boston MeetUp) and they BULLIED other dogs!  I cannot believe my two submissive buttheads did that!  Pictures to follow (when I get a chance)...
boston terrier cute

Need Help

My boyfriend and I are moving to FL on July 31st. All the apts I look at accept up to 2 dogs if they are small dogs. We have been thinking we may need to get Hog a sister. I reallllllllllllllllllllllly realllllllllllly want a red boston terrier with green eyes. I already have a name I like haha. I really like the name Lola for a girl. I want her to look exactly like this:



I have been on google forever now trying to find breeders in the melbourne area of FL. I cannot find anything. We will be like 45 mintues from orlando and will be living in Melbourne. I will be driving to South Beach all the time as well so driving a long distance wouldn't really matter to go get a puppy. Does anyone know of breeders in those areas??


Are red bostons really hard to find?  I tried looking at the classifieds on www.floridatoday.com and the website doesnt even have pets as far as I could tell. Any help you could give would be highly appreciated.



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