June 5th, 2005


Rory the puppy!

I *think* I mentioned this a while ago, but we recently got another red boston terrier puppy. I don't post here allll that often (I just forget, but I still read and browse) I'm the mommy of Tuffy and my sister is the Mommy of Molly...but my mom fell in love with another red, Rory. We took her to our shore house Memorial Day weekend, and she is just so precious. Here are some pics of her first beach trip (She is about 4 monthes now, born February 5th)


Rory and I

Losing his BT looks

Seamus is starting to loose allot of his Boston Terrier looks - but not his traits mind you - and starting to have more of a boxer look to his body. I snapped some photos of him today Collapse )
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Pet Stores Ugh.

We went to the mall today and decided to browse the pet-store inside. For the kids, it's almost like visiting the zoo. ;-) They had two Boston Terriers and a Boston/Beagle mix. The mix was so cute...looked just like the BT but with the floppy big ears and his/her legs looked like beagle legs. The regular BTs, I have no idea how old they are, this store usually sells them a few weeks old, but they were either older or just huge...they looked the same size as my 4 1/2 mos. old Sofie! My hubby was curious and snuck a peak at their price list: $1400 for a BT!!! OMG!!!!

We would never buy from this store, but we are thinking about getting another pup. Can anyone recommend a good breed sibling for our BT? Rob is looking at Pugs, and I would kind of like another BT...they are just so cute and unique looking, why not have more than one, right??
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