June 6th, 2005

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Another Wilbur update

It's good news! I had one of the doctors I work with research his condition (cerebellum ataxia) and it is not degenerative! He should stay his happy goofy clumsy self for the rest of his life. There is a very rare form of his disorder which is degenerative, but the only way to know is to do a CT scan (which we actually do at my work) but it's not warranted.

We've been together for a month today, and I completely love the little guy. Sometimes it's frustrating to miss the bus because he's decided to circle or lay down, but the rewards are so much greater than the downsides. He's gotten really happy too. He's exhibiting some new behavior that's really funny. When he's really happy on our walks, he hops along like a bunny. He's still nippy when he plays, but we're working on that. He's actually starting to listen to me occasionally.

Unfortunately one of his new happy things to do, is pee on people. He's done this twice. When my co-workers get him all happy and riled up, he pees on them. It's funny, but not so nice for whoever gets peed on.

I've finally found some booties that don't seem like they're going to wear out. I got these from REI. They're mountain climbing booties with soles made out of recycled tires. He hates them, but everyone on the street thinks he's so cute in his little booties. I did get the wrong size because they were otu of XS, so they are chafing his dew claws on his front paws a little bit. I've been making him wear baby socks under the booties so that won't happen.

And he needs this from http://trixieandpeanut.com
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Okay... so about a week ago, I saw this sad little pug face on petfinder. Something about little Frankie the pug really stole my heart and I wanted to save him from the shelter. We filled out an application, and have been waiting to hear if we've been approved. This whole week I've been having an internal struggle with myself. We have wanted a little girl Boston for such a long time now.. We've been on Shangrila's waiting list for months and months, and things have just not been going our way. One of her girls reabsorbed the fetuses early on in the pregnancy, and the next girl miscarried a couple of weeks before her due date.. so I've started to wonder if it was meant to be. That's when I started looking on petfinder.com. Then Brian and I went to a local shelter, and I started asking myself how I could possibly buy a puppy when there were so many dogs without homes of their own. That's when I saw Frankie the pugs face, and it pulled on my heart strings. I wanted to adopt him, but there were so many things I was questioning. I love pugs. Emma, my brother and SIL's pug is a doll, and Zeke adores her, but she's not a very bright dog. After having Zeke, I can't imagine not having an intelligent dog. I know all of my friends think I'm nuts.. but I love BTs.. there is no other breed like them. I didn't want to imagine not being able to get my little girl Boston.
Well tonight I get an e-mail from the shelter informing me that Frankie has been adopted. I was bummed out, but also happy that he got a home, and relieved that I might still have a chance at getting my little girl Boston in the future.. well I read on through the rest of the e-mail and this is what it said...

"Are you set on a pug? The reason I ask is that our Director has a female Boston Terrier. She was not 100% sure she was going to give her up, but she has decided she will let her go to the right home. I don't know if Karen, our Director is available on Wednesday as she is usually at the shelter until noon Mon-Fri. The weekends are usually the best. Of course she is gone the weekend you get back! Let me talk to her, that is if you are interested in Betty Boop, the Boston. I am attaching a few photos of her as a puppy. I think she is about 6 months now. She is fine with other dogs and cats. She wants to play with everyone."

Is this fate, or what????!

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PLEASE wish us luck on getting this little girl!
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My mom just said: "come look at your dog he is playing with a bug."

I go look: aweeee Hoggis you are sooo cute! He then puts it in his mouth and I go tell him to spit it out because he should not be eating bugs. He spits it out and it is BEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He could have been stung in the mouth and his mouth would have swelled up and omg.. all I know is we had to RUSH rebel to the vet one time for being stung on the face.

The stinger was still attached so I guess he is ok.
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My Boston Baby.

Just thought I'd put out a little introduction, before I post pictures of my darling. I love Boston terriers now, but it wasn't always that way. I had always wanted a papillion, and adamantly refused against our family's purchase of any other breed of dog. When my parents seriously considered getting a Boston, I was in horror. I thought they were the ugliest things I had ever seen! but we ended up getting a little girl, and now even I love her to little bits and pieces. Her name is Tootsie, she's 9 months, and she lpves tp bug the heck out of our 2 cats. Here she is!!!!


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for those of you who have had your dogs since they were wee little pups, when did they stop growing? i saw at least a dozen things i liked at the website elisabat posted (i'll probably only end up buying one thing for each of them, since that alone will set me back about $100!), but i dont want to spend a fortune if they are just going to grow out of it in a month.

they are just beginning their 7th month of existence. rylie seems to be at her final destination of growth, but ramzi shows no signs of stopping!

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so everyone talks about bostons having bad gas. And id have to admitt jack does do some farting. BUT I have summer roommate who also has a boston...and these farts or HORRIBLE! i have never smelled anything like this in my life. i gag almost everytime. and they aren't just a few times every now and again: they are ALL THE TIME. like 4 an hour!

Is this normal???? Cause Jack DOES not have gas this bad! Is Jack just lucky he doesn't have gas this bad? Or does my summer doggie friend have issues with gas.