June 7th, 2005

bat lady

boston rescue

I wanted to let everyone know about the rescue I adopted Wilbur from. They mostly rescue Bostons and when I went there to meet Wilbur, there were like 10 of them all running around, as sweet as can be. I wanted to adopt them all. If anyone's thinking about adopting, definitely look at this site: http://www.wonderdogrescue.org/about/main.html

Also, he's not a boston, but I wanted to recommend Dagwood. He's just about the sweetest little guy and I could hardly fill out the paperwork when I was there because all Dagwood wanted to do was snuggle in my lap. I especially wanted to take him home, but I don't have the room.

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Hey all,
Just updating on Misty's "feistyness" (lol) concern I expressed earlier.
I've been noticing for the past week that no matter what type of dog comes near her
she seems to be ok now. She lets them sniff and she is very cautious (she has that look on her face).

She started daycare and she gets along with all!
There are a lot of pugs and there is a puppy boxer who is actually sort of big
but she is really good. She plays and runs non-stop.
It is actually kind of good to see her that tired.
Yesterday she didn't even look at me and went straight to bed.

So...I guess I no longer need to worry about her being feisty and getting kicked out of daycare.

Thank you all for your advice!!
I love this community!
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Hi guys..I've just joined the community, but I've been lurking around for a while. I'm Drea and my Boston is named Titus, I got him in July 2004 when he was a tiny thing. Although he's a purebred his right ear doesn't stand up too well, and I think it's precious..I could never have it cropped. He's a little camera shy, but a very fun and incredibly sweet (and usually well-behaved) dog, he and my cat Spyke even like each other. That's it for now, but he's so funny I'm sure there will be more soon.

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crazy joe

busy days

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Joey is very busy these days trying to kill the fat cat and the new crackling cat fish. Here he is passing by the other night. He just wanted to let all the other Bostons know they need to unite against these crackling toys that cannot seem to be defeated!!!!!
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I'm fairly new to the community and figured I should post about my little Dave. He's just over a year old and he came home last August. He's a bit of a medical mess, but he's the sweetest boy in the world. We're hoping to adopt another special needs Boston soon.

Dave and Toys

He looks scared here, but he's really just guarding his favorite toys (that blue mouse no longer has his ears, of course).
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