June 14th, 2005

Rascal the Great!

New Puppy

My other Boston RasCAL died last month and this new one- Lady Violet just showed up. It was serendipitous how I found her- I really wasn't even looking for a new dog just yet! Anyway, I have puppy questions. She's almost 7 months old and I didn't have my last Boston until it was 5 years old.


1) Whenever I leave the puppy I put her in the bathroom. How do I get her to stop pooping when I leave and stomping it all into the floor? (tired of scraping!) I tried to crate her but that was a disaster too. She would poop inside the crate! Someone told me it was too big for her but I just couldn't see putting her in something smaller. What do you do for your dogs when you leave? Do you give them some kind of medicine to calm their anxiety?

2) She is teething still and consequentially she BITES. How do I get her to stop biting? I try to scare her and say, "No" but this doesn't seem to work. Will she just grow out of it?

3) How do I get her to stop eating her own poop? Do puppies just naturally grow out of this as well? I guess there's a pill to make their poop taste bad to them. I just wonder what chemical would have to be in this pill to actually make shit taste WORSE than it does!

hmmmm what else....

ok 4) Those things called "greenies"- she really likes them. I heard they can be bad for dogs though- is this true?

5) Did your dog ever learn to come when called? I mean, this dog knows her name and she'll come if we're indoors but a couple weeks ago she just took off outside and I barely caught her in time!! I never trusted my last Boston off the leash either but I think he would've come when called. Do you trust your Bostons off leash?

6) Most importantly, how do I get her to stop jumping in the faces of other dogs? It seems like they've tried to warn her many times and it doesn't seem to be working. She gets so excited when she sees other dogs that she basically loses her mind. One day I fear she will meet a dog who isn't so sweet- what do I do?


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