June 17th, 2005

growth spurt?

Lainie's 16 months old and seems to have hit a growth spurt.

The breeder assured me that she was bred to be small, but she's getting to be pretty big. Plus they told me that she'd be fully grown at about a year, but she's almost a year and a half and suddenly she's growing like some kind of radioactive weed.

Have any of you had this happen? I'm kind of concerned, believe it or not.
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Bentley and Niko
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drama queen

The trainer called sweet little Bentley a Drama Queen! He has been pretty stubborn at Puppy Training. He refuses to do stuff, and has sit-down strikes. He does a lot of them at home, and eventually does Sit and Down okay, but the pulling on the leash is his worst. We've all but given up, and when the trainer tried He yelped like he was being beaten. Anyway, I love him still and will keep working on him, but did anyone else have a stubborn learner?

Here's some pics for reading, he is always beautiful, even when his back is turned in disgust.

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