June 20th, 2005

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Just wanted to post some recent pics of Mugzy and his brother Onyx. They were in the kennel this weekend, and came home exhausted, as usual :) Oh! The dentastix commercial with the BT in it was just on!! :)

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I saw a BT!

Does anyone else get excited when they see another BT? Or is it just me? This morning I was getting breakfast and in the drive-thru ahead of me I saw a little cutie in the back of the person's Jeep in front of me. Aww!!! I just wanted to yell out "I love your dog! I got one, too!" But then I would have just made a fool out of myself. It's just, I've never seen them before until I got one of my own. Now, I'm like, "Oh look!!!" Heh. I'm a dork, I know.

On another note: had company come over last night, which doesn't happen too often, but Sofie was a FREAK! I mean, she was just SO SUPER DUPER EXCITED to give him attention and kisses and my gosh it was so embarrassing. I mean, he was cool about it, and gave her the attention, but I think we'll have to put her away for any company that doesn't welcome that attention from a dog. Our obedience trainer told us how to stop it, by ignoring her (kind of hard when she's clawing at your legs) and by using the little plastic bottle with pennies technique, but how do you go about handing your guest that bottle and explain what to do? LOL They'll think I'm crazier than my dog! I know it's just her BT trait to do this, but I was curious how others handle this.
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Does anyone else's BT 'bury' things inside the house? My little gal will get her cookie (the magic word for her treats) and will circle the house until she finds a corner or piece of furniture and will scratch away the 'dirt' and place her cookie there, then nose the carpet, I guess to cover it up with more 'dirt'. I find this sooo funny. Even if she's doing it right in front of you, you have to pretend you don't see her, otherwise she'll move her cookie. She will bury things outside on occasion, but she's primarily an inside dog, so most of her 'burying' is done on the carpet or the couch or recliner. Is this normal behavior for our little piggies?
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It's been HOT, HOT, HOT around here. I'd love to bring Charlie out to the dog park in the afternoons, but he always seems to be overly hot. He's starting to learn the "pour the water bottle on the BT" trick and doesn't care for it too much.

Any suggestions to keep 'em cool besides staying inside all day?

the cough

Ruby is coughing a lot.
Not that weird reverse sneeze thing they do, but an actual cough.
It sounds like she is trying to hack up congestion that is stuck in her lungs, but nothing comes out of her mouth.
The vet checked her on Saturday and said that her lungs were clear, and that it might be allergies. If she continues to cough for the next week, I have to take her back in.

My question is this:
Do any of your Bostons suffer from seasonal allergies? Do they get colds and cough like crazy every once in awhile?
Or is this something I should be seriously concerned about?
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A picture and a question

Here's a few cute shots of Dave, behind a cut in case they're unnecessarily large.

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We're almost certain that we're bringing home a new BT from a rescue group in the next couple weeks. We're just a home visit away. Has anyone else added a senior BT (this one is 12) to a household with a youngster? Dave is just over a year and while he loves other dogs more than anything, I want to do what I can to make sure the older boy isn't overwhelmed. His foster mother says he's still a bundle of energy, even at his age. They'll be meeting each other at a friend's house and staying there for a day to get used to each other before I bring them home. Dave has always been thrilled when other dogs visit us (even two very temperamental Chihuahuas), but I want to do this as carefully as possible.
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