June 27th, 2005

Buster Dog.

I really miss this dog. We haven't lived together in years and I still think of him daily. He was my best pal and confidant. Sometimes he was my only friend. No other Boston could replace him and I haven't gotten another because I would always compare them to my sweet deaf,handicapped (but my best buddy)... Buster Dog.

I miss this dog more than you can imagine. Should I move on and get a new Boston? Are they all as sweet natured as my Buster?

Best weekend ever!

Hi guys! This is Kermie! I just wanted to show you some pictures of one the best weekends I have had! See Mom and Dad made me go to my Grandparent's house..and I didn't want to go. I don't like car rides and I had to leave all my toys! My Auntie has a doggie called a pit bull and she tears toys up so I wasn't allowed to bring my favorites :( But I didn't even miss them because I found a new best friend! Lilly! we didn't leave each other's side all weekend! It was so much fun but am I pooped out today!
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Today, in the mail, I got the latest Big Lots flier. They are going to be having Fat Cat items on sale for $1.38, regularly priced at $3.99! The sale starts tomorrow! Joey, are you listening??? You can get all the Fat Cats your little heart desires! I pity all you guys that do not have, or know, what a Big Lots is! Cha-ching, I got my debit card ready. Come on, Mama, Diesel needs some new chewie toys!
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Reggie's ice cream face

Hopefully we aren't the only crazy people who get our dog a baby cone when we go for ice cream( vanilla of course, no chocolate!). She loves it, and she leaves us alone to eat ours. It is hysterical when she starts to shiver toward the end of the dish of ice cream! Here is her ice cream face!

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