June 29th, 2005

eight year old me


We met the woman who rescued Francis Bacon today, and through conversation discovered that she did not, in fact, love him so much that she had to keep him (as we were told), but instead gave him away to another Natchitoches family.  It was implied that we are unfit parents because Lunchbox died at such an early age. 

And yesterday, we went to the pound to adopt a dog who was about to be put to sleep, where I was questioned about how Lunchbox died, and given the crazy eye when I didn't list "old age" as the answer. They were unmoving on their fenced-in yard required policy as well, althoughI assured them I would never be leaving the dog ANYWHERE by itself, fenced-in backyard or not. 

Have I not beat myself up enough about losing my child?  I am well aware of my mistakes, but I was not prepared for two seperate, complete strangers to decide I'm not a fit mother.  I would be infuriated, but I'm emotionally exhausted.  All I want is a little pig in my bed again at night.  This has been the longest goddamn day of my life. 

Thank you all for your beautiful posts and your little piglets grinning at me from my friends list every day. I'm lucky to know them, and I'm lucky to have you all.


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Rascal the Great!

Rascal- ode to a great Batlet!

You may remember me posting photos of my new puppy Lady Violet. Well, this is the whole story that I posted in my regular journal of how I lost my last boston Rascal (pronounced RasCAL) on Mothers' Day several weeks ago. This entry here is actually two entries that I wrote in my journal on the 9th and 10th of May. It's HUGE and full of photos of dear old Rascal. I'm still not really over it. Lady Violet makes me really happy but I'm always wishing Rascal was here to play with her. I loved him so much. He was my boy. I'm posting this here because I'm sure you guys can all relate.



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eight year old me

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We're going on a wild goose chase for puppies.

First stop:  Brokendown Dogs Shelter in Alexandria, Louisiana

There's a Boston/Dachshaund mix there named-- get this-- Zebrahead.  Sounds like our kind of guy.  We're going to try to meet him since there's no picture of him on Petfinder. 

Also, I talked to the woman who runs the shelter there and she said they make regular trips to California if the dogs in Louisiana don't find homes quickly.  So I'm thinking that perhaps we could arrange a rescue for the Boston kelliee found, since they'll already be making the trip.

We're also looking at a beautiful Boston in the animal shelter in Carencro, which is a couple hours from here.  I think it might be fate, because he's named Austin.  Austin is the city of my dreams, my black-and-white-to-color, Wizard-of-Oz-esque transformation. I moved from there in December with Danny, to finish school. In any case, they don't open until Saturday, so for now all I can do is hope that he's still there and maybe they'll call me back.

I'll be damned if I don't find a little pig.  I hope I can come home with a happy update!  Thank you all for your help, and wish us luck!

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fantasia flower

shy guy

Here is Joey right after his bath

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

"what are you doing mom, I am NAKED"

*I just realized he has his collar on, I take WAY too many pics of this dog. Oh well, still cute and soo shiny and clean :)
girl in box -- magic


I have a question. Not sure if any of you will know what I'm talking about, but here goes:

My little baby girl, Dakota has popped up with a skin rash of some sort. It's on her head mostly, and I've noticed that she's also balding on her head as well. Now the skin bumps sort of look like acne.. I'm not sure what to make of it. I plan on calling the vet tomorrow, but I figured I'd see if any of you have had anything similiar happen to your Bostons.

Thanks, much appreciated.
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eight year old me

And Luncho gets a brother...

We went to Broken Down Dogs Animal Shelter today to find a baby Boston.  But when we got there, the 'Boston mix' turned out to be a tiger-striped chihuahua who didn't like us very much. Most of the other dogs were crazy and loud except for one very special puppy, who seemed like he'd had a really sad day.  It turns out, he'd been in the same shelter since Christmas!  We loved him so much that we had to bring him home.

Please welcome the wonderful and fabulous Oliver Toothpaste:

Oliver's named after another orphan you may have heard of named Oliver Twist.  But you can call him Toothpaste.  We do!

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We're all very tired after a day of shopping, searching for puppies, visiting with Aunt Courtney and Uncle Phil, and then breaking down in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Tomorrow, we'll be buying a new battery and learning how to poo outside. And don't think that just because little Toothpaste is here that I'm going to be any less active in this community. I'd seriously go through withdrawals! Please keep your eyes out for any little pigs in need of a Louisiana home-- Toothpaste is currently hoping for a little Boston brother or sister. Thank you all for being so supportive!

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Not really boston related

But my babies are in the picture!!!! They were attacking my sister. Anyway. My mom got a new puppy and you guys usually like to guess what breeds dogs are. They told her she was a cocker but I think shes mixed with something. Maybe Springer. Tell me what you think if your up to it.

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