June 30th, 2005

boston terrier cute

Boston Pool Fun

My mom is practicing her picture taking skills because my husband and I (of course Hog too) are moving to FL July 31st. So this is what she got the other day.

I love this because all 3 are lined up in a row haha. Hog is first followed by Tinkerbell and then Rebel

That is my friend Alethea with the farm


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Nicole: Nic & Pups

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Yay! Thanks to shesbeenelected's brilliance, I bring you... Videos of Cornholio!

The website says that they will be available for 7 days or a "limited number" of downloads. I don't know how many that is, so if the link stops working, that's why and I'm sure I'll be able to re-upload and re-link them. But just be patient if it does break! This is my first time trying this service.

So check it out:
Cornholio barking at me. Notice how his whole front end goes up when he barks. So funny.

And I stop scritching Cornholio, he gets mad and clomps around on my legs, then storms off to the bedroom to sleep when I won't continue petting him.

Please excuse the fact that I talk to my dog in a high-pitched baby voice despite the fact that he is deaf and can't hear me anyway. Also excuse the messy floor. It's my sewing room. :)

Comment and let me know if it works!!!!

The joys (?!) of teenaged Boston Terrorists.

Okay, Vinnie is being a total a$$hole lately.

He pees on the floor still. Doesn't ask to go outside (only when he feels like it). Destroys things. Gets into the garbage. Is a spaz bouncing off the wall. Annoys the doggie. Picks on the cats.

Generally, being a big huge dork who is testing our patience!

Please tell me that the rest of you experienced this teenage-hood (7 months now and 17.5 lbs) and that it WILL get better before I pull all of my hair out.

*hopeful smile*
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