July 5th, 2005



I'm loooking for a breed quiz for my friend that wants to get a dog. Upon searching, I found this and was very dismayed at what they had to say about BTs. I don't know about all the other BTs out there, but it seems that the only characteristics they got right on this table (about BTs) is that they're small dogs, low for grooming maintenance and have short hair.


Note also: There is no contact information for this BS site....
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Everyones been posting pictures of their bostons and they're all so adorable. So I just got my camera back from my friend and I took a few of Lady Killer. Photobucket has been on and off for me lately so if these don't work and you actually want to see them lemme know.

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:: My Loki Man

I miss my babies so very much...

Sometimes my Loki man would get his upper lip caught under his lower teeth. He looked so hilarious. I love him and miss him so much. I bet hes happily curled up on the couch right now with his sister Zelda. Or maybe hes down wrestling with Mordred kitty.

I hope he has happy dreams chasing things and playing tug tonight...
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Sofie learns the stairs...

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Sofie finally learned to go up the stairs tonight! Problem is...can't get down! hahahaha! See her peaking from the landing? So funny...she was kinda whining, like, "help please!"

Kind of unrelated, but somewhere on this site someone was sharing video clips...please please please...tell me how you did that!! Thanks!!

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