July 9th, 2005


Swimmy time!!

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Baxter will be 5 months on July 20th. (I cannot believe that he's getting so big!) How big were your pups when they were 5 months? I'm trying to figure if he's gonna get much bigger. When we first took him to the vet, he said that he'll prolly only be 12lbs. But our last visit, he was already 10. So I'm not too sure how big he'll get...

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Yesterday July 8, 2005 was ROXIE'S FIRST BIRTHDAY!

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Tell me I'm not the only crazy one and someone else has had a party for their dog's first birthday! It was a lot of fun, just a little family party and Roxie being the center of attention. Roxie got sooooo many treats, toys and chewies that I had to put most of them away to save them for later!

I can't believe my little baby is 1 year old...I remember the day we got her, she was 9 lbs of puppy we knew nothing about, and had no experience in taking care of a dog before. We were driving home from getting her, I was driving and my bf was in the passenger seat holding Roxie, and I just had this over whelming feeling of not knowing what to do. When will she eat? When will she poop? When will she sleep? Will she like us? What should she play with? What shouldn't she play with? ...we felt like new parents bringing their newborn home for the first time!

Now she's 18 lbs of beefy muscle and we can't imagine life with out her! Happy Birthday Roxie, we look forward to your next birthday and all the ones to come!!!
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i am obsessive compulsive about checking petfinder for bostons. i'm not sure why cause theres no way i will be allowed to have another one...

anywhat, it appears as though there are THREE BOSTON PUPPIES at one of the shelters out here in los angeles county. there are no pictures yet so i'm not sure how old they are but since there are three at once i'm guessing they've got to be really young. which is VERY rare. i will probably go out to see them on monday even though its at least an hour drive away.

anyway, if anyone is interested...




one male, two females. one girl is brindle and white, the other pups are black and white.