July 17th, 2005


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Note to self: Don't let dog lick off plate of pork 'n beans...bad for a BT butt!

Charlie and I were chilling out on the bed this morning and all of a sudden this stench floats on the air and he gets up and starts sniffing ME! ...as if he didn't know it was his foulness smothering all the air out of the room.

...since I haven't posted any pics in quite awhile, here's a few of Mr. Stinky.

Chilling out in the backseat on one of our many road trips this summer. It seems that we're always on the road...camping, weddings, road trips with his daddy to come see me when I work up in Cheyenne... I love the way natural light catches his chocolate eyes.

All these toys....and all he wants is treats.
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Questions about Boston Terriers

Hi everyone -
I hope this is an appropriate place to post this - if it's not, I apologize.
My partner and I have been considering different breed options lately as we've been dying to get a puppy for some time now.  We just moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and we're surrounded by happy dogs and puppies... enough to break our dog-less hearts!
We've both had dogs before (I had two chihuahuas, she's had an Italian Greyhound), and we're curious about Boston Terriers because of their seemingly great temperament and character.  We really want a dog that will be happy playing with other dogs when we take him or her to the dog park, and a dog that can be somewhat easily trained not to bark at strangers or at a doorbell.  I was hoping the Boston Terrier owners in this community could shed some light on whether you think Boston Terriers fit this profile (of course I know that all dogs are different regardless of breed, but I think it's also true that certain breeds exhibit certain behaviors more than others).

I've been reading a lot about Boston Terriers on different Web sites, such as AKC's site, but I know that there is always great variation to what can be said "officially" about a breed, and I'd love to hear insight from Boston lovers!
Another big question for the group - how do Boston Terriers do in terms of shedding?  I've heard that they are "average" shedders, but I'm not sure what that means exactly.  I have moderate allergies, so I'd like to adopt a puppy that won't shed a lot.  My chihuahuas were somewhat shed-y, and it did bother my allergies a little bit, so I'm just wondering what Boston Terriers are like in general in terms of shedding.

One more question - how big is your adult Boston Terrier? I've heard that they get to be around 15-25 pounds as adult dogs. Is that about right?
Any other comments or insight you could provide about why you love your Boston Terrier would be appreciated.  Thanks!