July 18th, 2005


Knock Knee?

Ok, I have a quick question... Diesel's front legs are different. One is totally straight and the other one is a bit curved. It doesn't seem to affect him in any way. That boy can run like the hounds of Hell are chasing him. Is this normal? I will ask the vet (of course) whenever we go in for anything, just doesn't seem to bother him, so why bother at this point. (FYI, We have noticed this little curve for a while, so its not anything new or different.) Can my boy just have a knock knee? I read up on luxating patellas and that seems to be a rear leg issue. Any advice or info?
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We went down to Orlando (2 hours south) on Saturday morning, hoping that we'd be able to adopt the little BT boy we found on Petfinder. Unfortunately for us, he'd already been adopted, but we did get to have a last minute playdate with a friend of mine from another Boston board (woof!).. and had a lot of fun.

Her BT Nybble is sooo small! Only 10 lbs... while Zeke who is extremely tall for a BT weighs in at 23 lbs.. he looked like a monster next to Nybble! It was too hot to go to the dog park, so we let them play inside Deanna's apartment instead.

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I'm starting to wonder if we could handle another Boston!!!

It was a lot of fun though, and Zeke was a tired, happy dog when we got home!


Do any of you have your Bosties in agility or fly ball?

Petcetera has a special on for a starter agility kit right now - it comes with weave poles, a jump, a starter box and a tunnel for $55CDN. We were going to get it when I remembered the bamboo poles we have in the basement so I hammered four of them into the backyard and we have a set of weave poles to start with - wide apart until Vinnie gets used to them. We set up a jump as well.

Tonight was our first night and he LOVED it. We led him through the weave poles and he was really getting the hang of it. He loved the jump once he figured out he had to go over it and not THROUGH it in order to get his toy (heh).

We're going to do about 20-30 minutes / day and when he gets a bit bigger join an agility club. Go Vinnie!
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new boston!

hey everyone, i just got myself a puppy! we have a boston in our family already (bellah) but she lives back in Texas and so this boston i can claim as mine... ALL MINE!!!

his name is Elliott, he's 8 weeks old. His coat is brindle :D

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