July 19th, 2005

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Lately I've been neglecting this community and am trying to get back in the habbit of posting every once in awhile, but since I recently delivered my baby, things have been kind of rough. My boyfriend and I currently own three bostons, two of which are brother and sister, and an american bulldog. So you can see we have our hands full with our new baby and all. My boyfriend and I agreed that 4 dogs were to much for us to handle so we decided on giving Dinky and Gizmo (brother and sister) away. I'd hate to have to give our bostons away, but I believe it's for the best since they deserve more attention than we are giving them. Calvin's mom said she'd love to have them, but she already has like 4 miniature pinschers and I deffinately don't want to take them to the shelter since we've known them ever since they were pups. What I am trying to say is I don't know what to do with Dinky and Gizmo.  Any suggestions would be great.

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I've been so busy posting about our adoption sagas, that it's been a while since I've posted much about of Zeke.

Here are a few randm pictures that have been taken over the last couple of weeks...

Attenton whore?
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Advice Please!

My brother and his girlfriend have been bringing there new boston, Sugar, over to play and get used to Emma. Emma is ok with this as long as she is in my lap. If I set Emma down and Sugar sniffs her butt then she tries to butt. Today she was in my lap and I'm not sure what Sugar did but she got aggressive, as far as I have seen Emma is the aggressive one and not the other way around. THe previous owners of Sugar have said that she does not get along with other dogs, except Bostons. Once summer is over and my brothers girlfriend is back to work Sugar will be coming here to stay during the day. Any advice on how to get them to play well with each other would be greatly appreciated.
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A question.

I saw a while back that someone had found a good harness for their little terror. In the pictures I believe it was yellow (and were at a boston puppy party).

Anyways I've been trying to find Lady Killer a good harness. I don't like the traditional ones cuz they seem to come up against her throat just as much as a choker/collar. I found one at petsmart with a lambskin liner but she's apparently weirdly shaped. She's too large for the small but too small for the medium.

So can anyone recommend the brand (or where to buy) a good harness?


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frankie dear

so my dear dog has decided that sleeping is for dorks
especially if it is three a.m.
after fighting it for a while
phillip and i decided to wear her out
and when i say phillip and i what i really mean is
let dad play while mom takes pictures

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