July 21st, 2005


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so i checked petfinder again this morning (after reading harry potter for 2 hours as soon as i woke up)... and i saw a brown and white boston terrier listed at a shelter about 45 minutes away! EXACTLY what i have been obsessively checking petfinder for.

i immediately ripped my PJs off and put clothes on so i could go down to check the dog out (there was no picture, so i dont even know if it was REALLY a boston, or if it was really brown and not brindle.) i got there and the dog was already gone... so now i'll never know. i was just hoping that even if she was adopted already, that she would still be there because she needed to be spayed or something so i could at least see whether or not she was really a brown boston or not. the closest dog they had to the description on petfinder was a brown and white "boston marked" pitbull puppy. but the little info sheet didnt claim it was a boston, so i know it wasnt that pup. plus, it was a boy and the boston was a girl.

so close...
boston terrier cute

Lulu Bell!!!

The breeder JUST sent me these!! Little Lulu is not so little.. she is HUGE!!!! I have never seen a puppy look so HUGE!! The breeder says her eyes are green!!!!

Her she is with her LITTLE (compared to Lulu the hippo) sister

With her little brother



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