July 27th, 2005

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boston art

I was looking at some Mark Ryden artwork because even though his paintings scare the crap out of me, they are also really intruiging and oddly beautiful. Anyway, I found this one and love it! That little guy looks just like Geech, droopy ears and everything.

eight year old me

pup paintings

I don't remember if I've posted these before, but here are the two Marilyn Manson paintings that feature Rose McGowan and her little Bostons (she has two, Bug and Fester):

Meditations on hunting:

Pregenital influences:

And a picture of Rose with one of the furpigs:

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i love this community

some of you might remember me; i posted not long ago saying that if my father was willing to give me permission to get my own pet, i would be buying a Boston terrier.

well...he said no.

but, the woman i was going to get one from said she's expecting pups around christmas time and my mom and i are going to work on my dad and hopefully i will have a puppy for christmas!

i just wanna say that even though i don't have a boston yet, this community is great. so friendly, so helpful, so knowledgeable, so great. community love.


I just can't be mad......

I got home from work a little later than usual, and unfortunately, my husband couldn't come home to let the dogs out as he was across town. :/

When I walked in the door, I saw this:

Uh-Oh...this is the "Gertie-done-something-wrong-hide-under-the-chair" look

and then I saw THIS:


I'll be damned!! She peed on the floor, yes, but she also tried to CLEAN IT UP. She didn't shred the paper towel...it's simply laid over the wee-wee.

Where the hell did she get the paper towel roll????!


a ? about teething

My new puppy, Elliott, is 8 weeks old. He is very playful like most puppy's are. I took him home last weekend and he played and chased the other bigger dog's I have back home at my mom's. I kept having to seperate him from them because he plays very rough and I didn't want the other dog's to accidentily snap at him and hurt him.

He has very sharp puppy teeth and I know he's teething but I don't want my puppy to hurt other people just because he's playing around. He's bit me a couple of times, sometimes breaking the skin (he has quite a grip too) but I know he's playing he just doesn't understand.

Does every boston or puppy go through this? Do they grow out of it? I took him for a walk earlier and a lady was petting him and he loved the attention but he was play bitting her and she said, 'It's too bad you're not a friendly puppy.' and that kind of hurt my feelings.


the little terror

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