July 31st, 2005

Winnie da poop!
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An afternoon in the park

Yesterday I took Winston down to the park. They are having a Pioneers Day Picnic. There were hundreds of people and all sorts of doggies too.

While we were there Winston got tons of attention. Everyone wanted to pet him. As we walked by a young couple and their baby, the daddy says to his baby boy, "Oh look and the cute little Pug!" LOL! I let him know that he is a Boston Terrier and his name was Winston. He laughed and apologized.


Anyway, Winston had a wonderful time and loved all the attention he was getting.
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rebellious rebellion!

so as you remembered, i was all set to get a boston!

..then my dad said no.

so then i was sad, but thanked everyone on here for being so awesome.

so then i consulted my mom, and she's basially letting me go for it.
the downside is, i'm gonna have to enroll my pup in doggy day care for 2 days a week for 5 hours. but, i've already checked out the doggy daycare place with my vet and he absolutely RAVED about it and said i won't be sorry.

anyways, so i'm getting a boston! and he's all picked out. he's only 3 weeks now, and by the time he's 8 weeks, my dad will be back in workk [he's out due to surgery], and then things will go a lot smoother with him getting used to a new pup.

just wanted to share the good news, and show you a picture of my future baby!
we think we might name him zombie. don't ask, i have a weird boyfriend.
either way, this dog will seriously be spoiled rotten.

now, the petstore in my area carries puppy food from iams, pro plan, purina one and eurkanuba. the rest are REAL shady. which should i go with that's the best choice for my puppy's health???

thanks so much everyone.

Army wife

Pictures of my baby....

Hi all, still haven't decided on a name yet but still leaning toward Sophie.

Here are some pics!! She is about 6 weeks old. She will be here August 20! YAY!

I have some questions for anyone who has had dogs shipped from breeders in different parts of the country or anyone who knows anything about it. Can you just tell me about the shipping process? I am pretty concerned about the well-being of a young puppy being shipped in a strange crate in a very scary situation (an airplane ride) halfway across the country. Does anyone know anything about this? Is there a chance that I will open the crate to find a dead puppy? (I would probably just die if that happened.)