August 5th, 2005

boston terrier cute

Lulu Belle has arrived.. and so have we!

My husband, Hog, and I are now all moved in in melbourne FL. Lulu turned 6 weeks yesterday and the breeder brought her to us. Hog didnt like her at all at first. He bit her tiny little face. It didnt draw blood but it pinched her. The breeder was right there when it happened. While I was like almost crying and my husband was freaking out she was laughing! She said it would happen many more times than that.

They are actually playing together right now. I think Lulu thinks Hog is her mom because he looks exactly like her mom. Both have all white heads and 2 blue eyes. She keeps licking him and biting him and going under him tyring to nurse on him haha. So yeah he is being much better and now they are getting along. Ok enough babble here she is

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boston terrier cute

Thanks to gym17mar

She sent me this link

It is Hog and I in the second icon. I had never even seen that pic before ever. So after researching I found it here:

The photographer I work with all the time paid me to so stock photos. So It's all good I was paid it is just crazy to think you can buy me and Hog!!


So everyone please keep your eyes out for this pic. I registered to see how much it was going for and the options it can be used for are like for magazines, books, posters, magazine covers, TV, films, brochures, Basically anything. Here is the pic

Caption: Young woman kissing French Bulldog puppy

It says:

Caption:  Young woman kissing French Bulldog puppy

dammit i should email them and tell them he is a BOSTON TERRIER!!!

Tail Question

This sort of betrays some of my ignorance but are Boston Terriers born with tails and then they are cropped always or are they born without? My dog Linus has almost no tail at all and it doesn't even wiggle when he is happy. But I've seen some dogs on here with longer tails.
Bentley and Niko
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the b-man is feelin' bettah

what up. crunk.

Bentley has recovered. He had a bout with Tic fever that was kinda scary, so he's

been couped up on antibiotics, and unable to go to the dog park. Now he's better but

the monsoon sets in every night lately and makes it too stormy or scary to go out.

Poor guy, just him and his yellow ball lately.

He did learn to ride the skateboard in his training class at Petsmart. *proud*

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