August 6th, 2005

Turtle: Not Again

OMG New Puppy!!!!

Okay so we have been scouring the internet looking for our very own red Boston Terrier puppy and as of this AM we are now proud parents!!!! Again!!

We had been contacting the breeder when I saw Hog's Mommy post pictures of Lulu and I noticed those two thumbprints on her head....They looked vaguely familiar.  So I went and looked at PuppyFind's Red Rosa, and sat with my bottom jaw on the floor.

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We are the proud parents of LuLu's Sister.....We are so thrilled.  We are still trying to think of a name for her!

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I'm trying to find a boston, for under $500. I live in Virginia, I don't really believe in shipping a dog across the country, so I'd be willing to travel up to five hours for one. Anyone know of any dogs in the VA area?

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This is not meant to offend ANYONE in anyway, its just that I saw that Seamus had his bandanna on his head like this after wrestling around with Big Bear and I immediately thought of Gone With The Wind. Its not racial its just silly

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Army wife

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Okay, so I am trying to figure out a way to get a good cage for my Sophie (who will be here 2 weeks from tomorrow - EEEEEE!!!!). My dad offered to build one but then he looked at my rabbit's old cage and is convinced it will be perfect for an 8-week-old puppy. Keep in mind she will be spending a fair amount of time in this cage, but as soon as she is housebroken she'll be out with the rest of the family, with free run of the house and yard. I just wanted ya'lls opinions on if you think it is good for a new puppy, or if it is too small. Here's a pic. I also have to figure out what to put on the bottom of the cage so she won't hurt her feet on the wire....won't she chew up towels?