August 10th, 2005

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Curious about the Red BTs

We went to the pet store this weekend to get Sofie some food and toys and saw they had a red/brindled BT with light blue-ish/green eyes. *sigh* Yes, I fell in love, and told my husband we need to find a breeder that can give us one. I mean, how cute is that to have a black and white and a red and white BT? It's like matching salt & pepper shakers! lol

Anyhow, we were chatting with someone that knew a little about doggies, and we were telling her about this cute BT we saw, and she informed us that they have a lot of health problems because they are the color they are since they've gotten the recessive genes of their parents. Is this true? The only thing I've read about color-related health problems are that BTs with more white on their heads, especially if they have blue eyes, tend to be deaf in the ear that is mostly white (or deaf in both ears if it is a lot of white.)

I was just curious what you all in this community could share on this. I'd really like a red BT, and I understand that with any dog, you just never know what kind of potential health problems will arise, but at the same time, I don't want to get a dog that is pretty much guaranteed to have problems either.

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Our Rory is a red Boston and we got her from Tammy at
Tammy's dad is at

When we took Rory to the vet for her first visit, the vet remarked on how she was a really healthy puppy and had been well bred, so our experience with red Bostons is a positive one.

Here's a picture of our two reds, Rory and Molly, at Alyson's wedding. Will post more on that later...

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Oh, please let this work!

I was digging around on Petfinder today, which I shouldn't even be doing, but I had a feeling and I did anyway.  And then, I found this precious boy:

He doesn't even have a name!

The listing says, This little man was brought in by animal control and was never reclaimed by his owners. He is very sweet and loves to play. He is good with other dogs.

Just look at this little face!

The shelter is only 150 miles from where we live, and his adoption fee is $75, which we can afford.  I want this little boy so bad. Danny isn't even awake yet, so he hasn't met him. But I know he's going to take one look at that face and tell me we have to go get him. I lost my phone and have been frantically trying to find it so I can call. Until then, I emailed the shelter to make sure he's still there. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!

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More Lulu pics

Thought you would like some more pics of the little fatty. It is crazy how much different she is than Hog. We got Hog at 6 weeks (same as lulu) and he would sleep the whole night. Maybe wake up once and I would take him out to pee. He would then usually go right back alseep for the rest of the night. Or he would want to play but you would just hold a toy up for him to chew on and he would be out.

Lulu Belle on the other hand wakes up almost every hour needing to go out!! Then when we go back to bed she bites the crap out of me. She loves my hair (I have long hair) and likes to chew on it but a lot of the times she does it she misses and bites my boob. That hurts!!! I will have to play for like an hour with her! She is so feisty. Then for the longest time Hog would not walk. He would just cry and cry and I would carry him.

Lulu marches along like it is nothing. She is sooo teeny too it is hilarious. I take Hog for like a mile walk where we live and there is Little Lu trailing behind but never stopping or crying to be carried haha.

Did you guys know that Lulu has a sister on here?? If you haven't put it together yet here she is:

Delilah who is owned by commwife

and here is Lulu Belle



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