August 11th, 2005

eight year old me

Re: No-name Boston

We got him!

Oh, we love you, little no-name piggy!

We're picking him up in Texas tomorrow, and then heading down to my parents' house.  He's going to have a really exciting weekend, so I hope he adjusts to us well!  I'll feel better once we get him home and he can check out his permanent surroundings.  EEEEP!

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Hello ALL :)

My name is michelle! I used to have a boston named billy, who i lost tragically when he was a pup! Hes actually still listed on here!

I am very pleased to introduce my newest member NAPOLEON! hes 21 weeks now and only 7 pounds, hes a small guy, but this small guy has brought me more joy then anything! its amazing how these animals can become like children, heres a few pics starting from when we brought him home to actually today i took a few


ps. im a post-a-holic, so barewith me
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Theo...I am in love...

As I posted before we are in the process of possibly adopting a 10 month old Boston from a friend of a co-worker...Well we met Theo last night. I am in love. I really hope this works out! I think my husband has reservations because Reggie is our only child canine or otherwise. But I think it will be good for Reggie to have another dog to play with. Theo is so god damned cute I can't even stand it. He is a big boy, 23lbs at 10 months old( Reggie will be 2 in December and is 18-19lbs). He has cute black spots between his eyes and down to his nose. Love love love I am in love...
It will probably be at least Monday until I hear anything...It will be a looooog weekend!

Any thoughts on changing a dogs name? We are huge NY Yankees fans ( Reggie named after Reggie Jackson--Mr. October) and Theo is named after Theo Epstein, GM of the Red Sox! EEEEEEEK! How can we allow this name in our house?? I was thinking that is probably doable because if you adopt a stray you would choose a new name an they eventually reply to it, right? Eh...Theo!
bad dog

Back to the drawing board......

Remember those fabulous/great 'indestructable' dog toys? The flying squirrel one?


Vinnie just tore the head off of his raccoon and promptly gutted it.

The carnage is all over the hallway. It is a sad day indeed.

RIP little raccoon dude.
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digging in the cookie jar

I keep Elliott in my bathroom while i'm at work during the day. It's pretty big, he has a lot of space to play. I also have my closet in there and today when I came home from work the closet door was open. He had somehow managed to get inside my closet (the door is one of those folding sliding ones) where I keep his dog food and tore a hole in the side of the bag. I was kind of mad because I didn't know what to do with all this dog food that I just emptied it in this large cardboard box until I buy something better to hold it in.

So then I turn to Elliott and my anger goes away as I notice he's rather bloated looking. His sides are sticking out more than normal.. my little piggy indeed! I can't help but laugh because he looks kind of funny all fat like that, but I feel bad for him because he's got to feel uncomfortable.

I took him for a long walk and play in the park but all he did was pee.. no poop. I know it's gonna get messy when he finally has to go because puppy chow gives him diahrrea and that's what he ODed on. I have been feeding him a different dog food brand and was planning on getting rid of that puppy chow bag before he chewed his way through.
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