August 17th, 2005

eight year old me


You will never hear this sentence from me again, but thank God I don't live in Austin anymore.  If I did, Ollie would be having to get used to yet another new Boston in his bed!  My poor babies.  They are forever doomed to sharing their toys and living happy little piglet-farm lives. :)

If you are anywhere near Texas and you need a pig, please go get this one.  My heart!  She is a tiny little pig (10 pounds!) and she's had a terrible life.  Oh, she looks so much like Lunchie when she was a wee pig.  Please, someone, go get this little rat.  She is ready for a forever home.

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Jack's Fur Angels of Texas (JFAT)
Austin, TX
(512) 292-4276

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Spike's adventures in Northwest-erly Ontario

Just thought i'd share some of these pics. My dad retired from Toronto, Ontario (Canada) to a mid-size town north of Lake Huron called Elliot Lake. I just spent two weeks up there and they have the most wonderful dog park there! Sadly in all the time we were there Spike never had another dog to play with. I guess most people don't like using this great, fenced in dog park (that was converted from an baseball park)

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i wish we had a dog park like this in Toronto!
Marge and Homer

Kind of strange

Petey used to go to the bathroom by lifting his leg. I hadn't paid much attention to it since we got Lucy but I noticed this morning that he squats to go to pee now. Do any of your dogs do that? I just thought it was odd.

Hazel Brags

I know I'm a proud mom & this may not be much to you all.. but we're so excited that I had to share...

We've had Hazel only three days now..

* She's mastered going up & down the stairs (we live on the 3rd floor, & she was terrified at first)

* She only had one accident yesterday, & NONE today!

* She's beginning to walk beautifully on leash, (I don't think she was walked before)

* She's already learned her name, & comes when we call her (she didn't seem to know her previous name at all)

We are SO thankful to have lucked out finding our Hazel-Nut.. it was worth the wait. She's learning so fast, and is such a love bug!

I'm SOOOOOO proud!

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