August 19th, 2005

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HOG JUST ATE A FROG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was innocentely playing with it.. Even if he was trying to step on it or something i would have told him no because I am very sensitive about animals.. yes even frogs.... but he was so innocentely watching it hop and all of a sudden HE ATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was horrible squishing noises and OMG it was horrid.. Now he is walking around making funny faces.

I cannot believe that just happened
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My baby boy, Rosko will be coming Sept. 1st!!

I already have 2 yorkies. And yorkies are, generally, on the fiesty side.

Can anyone recommend tips, ideas, tried-and-true methods of making the "new puppy phase" go as smoothly as possible?

I understand that by having 2 already-established dogs in the house, bringing a 3rd one in of a different breed might be tricky. I don't want to upset the yorkies any more than I have to, but I want everyone to like each other and I don't want to have to get rid of my pup just because they don't get along.

I'm already on thin ice with my papadukes, and know that if I can make this transion period as easy on ALL 3 dogs as I possibly can, he won't be so stubborn about it.



Gearing up for Halloween

Gertie's halloween costume this year will be that of Pikachu from Pokemon. Unfortunately...the hood part is a wee bit too big. While trying to fit it properly to alter the hood Gertie decided it was play time. She ran around in six circles....and then she fell asleep: least I know it's comfortable.
What a cute cute pikachu she will be. ;P
Kissing Eiffel Tower

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Okay, it seems like everyday when I read the Boston community posts, there is some freakin' issue that people have to argue about or something. I love seeing pictures of the babies (Gertie in her Pokemon costume was adorable) and of other breeds because I love animals or hearing stories about them like Hog eating the frog (as nasty as it was it was sorta funny :-] ). This community was made because someone wanted to share their love for the breed and obviously we all jumped in because we do as well. The rude comments really need to stop because it's just getting ridiculous. It's ruining the community and it's just stupid. If you don't agree with someone, is it really necessary to make a big deal out of? Anyone can state their opinon, but do we need to keep going on and on about things? Just enjoy Bostons and how precious they are. Just enjoy the community and treat others with respect. I just hate seeing people argue about stuff that really is just pointless.

I hope everyone has a great night/weekend and Violet and I send out kisses to all the other babies.

Boston ♥
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