August 21st, 2005

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He's my scrappy little dude, not as smart as his older brother, but absolutely loyal and protective. Rascal strongly believes in 'Pack' and his always within a few feet of me, making sure no harm comes my way.
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I just took the babies to the dog park. The ones where they are playing with the leaf is at my apt complex. It is so nice when there are no other dogs in the small dog section. That way Lulu can run wild. She gets soooo mad when I hold her from playing with the other dogs. She wanted to play with the great dane today through the fence. She is fearless.





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Hope I did this any rate here is my pride and joy, Dot is 11 years old and Ive had her since the day she was born. Shes my pride and cranky joy. Here is her being woken up from a much deserved nap on the couch in a sunspot, not a very nice look if you ask me lol.

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QUICK UPDATE:  Ronnie was driving home from the airport by way of his shortcut where they are no neighborhoods for miles.  All of a sudden he sees this little black and white thing running down the road in the middle of the street with his little 3 month old back legs doing their own thing!  YES!!!  It was a puppy.  We brought him to the vet to see if he had a chip and he does not.  So tomorrow I am going to ride round the surrounding neighborhoods looking for lost dog signs.  But for now, Lilo & Stitch have a baby "cousin"... introducing, Collapse )


Hey, I need a quick reply if anyone is online. Deez got stung by a yellow jacket or a hornet just a few minutes ago. He is starting to get some swelling in his face and get puffy around his muzzle. He seems to be breathing fine and doesn't seem to be in great pain, just sensitive to touch around his face... Can I give him a children's benedryl chewable to help with the swelling??

I have called the vet's home phone, but there is no answer. :(

EDIT:::: I just got in touch with the vet, I called him on his cell, he said 2 chewables will help with the swelling! Thanks everyone! I love yall!!
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sorry if this annoys anyone..

but when i posted last, nobody really replied so i thought i'd give it just one more quick shot before i face the music alone.

i have 2 yorkies [ie, fiesty little things] and i am wondering if anyone has tips on how to make the 'new puppy' transition go smoother.

someone suggested bathing them all at once so that they'll smell the same and be ok? i dont know, not sure if that's credible.

anyway, please offer tips on how you socialized your established dogs with a new puppy!

thanks again