August 22nd, 2005


Cobra Bubbles

PUPPY UPDATE: Little Cobra Bubbles *g* MUST be at my feet at all times!  When I am walking with him behind me he gets RIGHT in-between my feet!  He is SO puppiefied and SO adorable but I have decided that as much as my youngest wants to keep him (she is the one hard to say "no" to!) that we just can't.  My Boss/Friend came over today and said that he is definitely a full bred Border Collie.  I still think he's a mix of that and something else.  Anyway --- I just can't do three puppies.  I wanted to find a miniature red Boston or French Bulldog to rescue so that Lilo would have a "puppy" that stayed small so she could mother him or her but through all of this I have learned that three is too much.  I might foster, but that's it.  And this little guy is going to get bigger and I need smallness.  hehehe  I have to go now, my chair is vibrating.  Cobra Bubbles is chewing on my chair legs.  hehehe
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I forgot to update you all on what happened to my dear Christy. A while ago, she was sleeping next to me on my bed, and I was watching tv. She just kinda rolled onto her side. Her eyes were looking around, but her body was all limp. I picked her up, and talked to her. She urinated on me, and still had no control over her limbs, so I yelled for my mom. We ended up taking her to the emergency vet. It took 8 min. or so, but she was walking again, and acting much like her Christy self by the time we got to the vet (its about 25 min away). The x-rayed her and gave her a shot for asthma, because she was breathing harder than normal. They couldn't find anything wrong from the x-ray, and we went home. They told us if she had a stroke, her chances of having another in the next 24 hours were high, but after that she'd be safer. They faxed her info to our vet, to make an appointment. The next night Christy had another accident, in my mom's bed, but mom was asleep, so she didn't know if Christy went limp again or anything. We took her to our vet, for a checkup and they ran some blood tests. Her blood came back fine, and they said her internal organs looked very good for a dog her age, they think she is about 12. The vet told us that he thinks Christy either had a stroke or had some swelling in her brain, but can't figure out why, because she didn't have a fall or anything. They put her on some steroids in case there was any brain swelling. He told us we could go get a brain scan for her, but we'd have to drive 2 hours and it would cost $800, plus we had to decide what we'd do if what we found out was really bad. We decided not to get the scan, and we'd watch her. Other than some occasional weakness on her left side, she is doing really good now. She is definitely feeling better, because she is her wacky Christy self again. The steroids have caused her to put on some weight, which she needed, but she cannot be on them long term, so we are now weening her off of them. I am so happy she is doing better. I was so worried. When we got her, we didn't know how old she was, but her owner just didn't want her anymore, saying she was badly behaved (?). Her owner was going to put her down, even though she was healthy for an elderly dog. We took her thinking, even if we gave her one good year, that is a year she wouldn't have otherwise, and she'd be with people who loved and cared for her. We've had her over a year now, I hope with the way things are going now, we get a couple more!
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Again, my sweet little guy, is out side minding his own business, and he got stung AGAIN! This time on the leg! I was sitting at the table and he was coming in and out of the screen door like he always does, and this time I hear YELP! and Deez comes running in the house, low to the ground! There is a evil, vicious, stinging thing embedded in his back leg. Quickly, I flicked it off (with my bare hand, at that point, I didn't care) and checked him for more stings. Poor little manny-man. Oh, my baby is never gonna leave the comfort of his kennel again! I gave him ANOTHER Benadryl (thank God, I bought more yesterday!) Needless to say, I smashed the stinging thing to death and I am calling for the bug guy to get out here, STAT!!!

I think the hornets/paper wasps/yellow jackets are taking their revenge out on my dear sweet boy-pup because my husband totally destroyed their nest. He found it in a lilac tree a few weeks ago while cutting the yard. Did I mention, he found it with his HEAD!! He only got stung one time, then he noticed them swarming! He blasted them with an entire can of stingystuff killer!

Man! This sucks. Poor Deezy.
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Kermit and the vet

For the past week, my little Kermie has been throwing up just about every day :( She acted fine other than that but I decided a vet trip was in order. They did a bunch of stuff and determined that she just produces a lot of acid in her tummy at night. So now we are going to give her a little treat/food at bedtime along with a doggy version of Tagment (a human med. used for upset stomach and acid reflux) and something right when she wakes up in the morning. They also said we could try a food for sensitive tummies (exactly what you recommended sarakenobi !!) :) Hopefully this will help! (although she acts like she is totally fine and feels great! silly pup)
But since Kermie isn't feeling so well and had to go to the vet I thought I would post some pictures of her so you can send love :)
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Gangster is home!

For those that don't know the story, I adopted my puppy, Molly Belle, last March when she was 10 weeks old. She was one of 3 puppies in her litter - Molly (AKA: Missy), Princess, Gangster. Princess lives in New England and Gangster stayed with the breeder. Well, when Kelliee posted Gangster's picture which indicated he needed a home, we immediately contacted the breeder and on Friday, drove up to CT to pick up our new bundle of joy. He's home now and is just a doll! We aren't letting Gangster (who we're calling Gangster Bob) stay alone with Molly yet but we're working on it! Isn't he a cutie? Welcome to your forever home, baby!

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