August 24th, 2005

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In my world every toy belongs to Dewey (my English Mastiff) but to Lucy (my Boston Terrier) it's her's
Here are some photos of Dewey and Lucy playing with the stick in the river. Dewey had the stick but Lucy was able to take it away. Got to love those little dogs and their tenacity. Just look at her eyes, she's going to bring back the stick no matter what.
She loves to swim but we have to stop her because she doesn't know when to stop. Is your boston like that?

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eight year old me

Someone lied to me and it could have killed my Pugs.

When we adopted Pugsley from the Klein Shelter in Jacksonville, they told me that he'd tested positive for heartworms but had such a mild case that treating him further would probably kill him. We were instructed to give him half a Heartguard tablet next month and continue his regular dosage of preventative for a year after that. And they said that if we gave him more than that, or any type of flea treatment, that he would die.

Because Pugsley has not gained any weight and because we are so unfamiliar with heartworm treatments, I took him into our vet this afternoon. She was livid-- she said from the vet papers they gave me alone, there is no way his string of heartworms were a "mild case." She tested him, and immediately the results came back that he had very active, high-stage heartworms, both baby and adult. She says that he needs to be treated immediately with a series of injections in the spinal column, and that he will have to be boarded for two days at the vet hospital (which he is going to hate). Also, we'll have to watch him closely for the next 6 weeks and restrict his exercize, which means keeping the two boys apart. How in the hell are we going to manage that?

I am livid. Pugsley is going to FREAK OUT when he has to go back in a cage for two days. If I had just gone by what the shelter told me, Pugsley could have gotten really sick or died. And they let me adopt him when they knew that we were poor and he would require major medical care. The procedure is going to cost at least $200. We will find a way to make it work financially-- we have no other choice. But either the vet lied to the people at the shelter, they lied to us, or my vet here is lying to me. I don't know who to trust or what to do with my baby. What if this vet is wrong and going through with the procedure kills him? Or if he dies from not giving him the procedure? I have no idea what to do, but I am FREAKING OUT.

I cannot believe I'm even having to discuss this.

Oh, my poor little pig. How could anyone see how much we loved him and not tell us he was so sick?

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