August 28th, 2005

boston terrier cute

More bath pics

Hog and Lu went to the dog park 3 times yesterday and today already in the rain. So they needed a bath! I also have 2 pics of when Hog went to the dentist with my husband and I. My husband was getting his teeth cleaned and Hog was very worried. The hygenist actually took these and just emailed them to my mom lol


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having tech. problems

can anyone help me? I'm not very good at all this posting pictures and using lj cuts.... any help would be appreciated. I'd love to start sharing more pictures of my baby like all you do. All ya'lls pictures always brighten my day.



Question! One of my first -- I believe, which is strange, since I've been a member to this community for a while now. Today, I noticed my dog Duke's ear has been ultra-sensitive. Whenever I try to pet him on the head, if I accidentally touch his ear, he yelps. Now, sometimes he just scratches his ears and makes them sore, but I don't think that's it this time. A couple of weeks ago, he jumped in a lake. Do you think it could be an ear infection? If so....are antibiotics the only way to treat it? I'd appreciate any input, thanks!