August 30th, 2005

Our New Puppy Announcement

I am sending out the following announcment card and photo to our family and close friends:

Our family has grown!

Date of Birth: January 10, 2004

Hello there!

My name is: BOB
I arrived on: August 19, 2005
Proud parents: Jim and Alyson

Miss Molly Belle announces the adoption of her littermate and only brother - welcome home, Bob!

Hope to meet you soon!

(in their new Puppia harnesses, a gift from Grandma!)

How cute are they together!?!
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cajunsunshyne how are your parents, i have been watching the news all day and they have been in my thoughts
 and to make it boston related

this little girl found this boston swimmng in the water in New Orleans and rescued her

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Today during my lunch break I ran out to PetCo to get treats for Albus.  I got him a bone to chew and some treats like I give him before I leave each day.  Also they had some Halloween toys.  So I bought one to give him at Halloween because I know they disappear quickly.  I came home and gave him the bone, put the treats up and rolled the plastic bag down and left it on the couch.  While reading for class just a minute ago I heard just a tiny little rustle of the bag and here comes my precious little dog with the toy in his mouth.  Damn Thief!
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Remember Jimmy the boston terrier that needed a home and was posted about a bit ago in this community.

I have learned that Micah the foster mom has decided to keep Jimmy! YAYAYAY! To learn more go here and if you want to see some updated pictures of Jimmy, go here =D. However, Jimmy's vet bills did cost a small fortune so if you want to help, look below!

If you would like to contribute to Jimmy's vet bill, please feel free to use paypal for your payment and use the recipient name of
Or you can mail the payment to the vet with the notation "American Boston Terrier Rescue - Jimmy Durante" to: Cynthia Westbrook DVM. 822 N. Grand Ave. Gainesville, TX 76240.
If you wish to donate dog food or any other item, please mail to: AMERICAN BOSTON TERRIER RESCUE PO BOX 525 Sanger, TX 76266.
Rory in Flowers

Can anyone relate to this?

Alex and I went to the shore for the weekend, and brought Rory. First of all, she refused to pee or poop on the leash. We would walk her for 20 minutes, and no results. We gave up and put up wee wee pads, so she managed a few episodes, but not as much as usual. We drove home, and were about 10 minutes from home. Rory was sitting on my lap, and helping me drive. Alex was next to me in the car. Rory decided she wanted to sit on Alex's lap instead, so she climbed there. About a minute later I heard Alex screaming. Rory had explosive diarrhea all over Alex -- her clothing, seat belt, car seat -- everything. What a mess! What an odor! I had my husband meet us with paper towels and a garden hose. Immediate shower. Immediate bath. Poor Rory. Poor Alex.