September 2nd, 2005

eight year old me

mr. backpack

Pugsley is doing much better post-injection.  He still acts rather oddly, but I don't think he's in pain anymore and he tries to play with Oliver often.  He's even grown used to his kennel, which he was wary of before. 

I came in the living room this evening and found him exactly like this:

HE LOOKS HILARIOUS!  I don't know what he was doing, but he refused to leave the backpack.  I think maybe he's mad that we go to school every day and leave him behind.  He'd like to go to college, please.

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I missed Lunchbox terribly today. I wish she could be here to help me take care of this little sickling and his anxious brother.

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poor Rowan :(

Lately little Rowan has developed a bumpy rash on his lower belly. My guess is that it's from him being outside in the grass. We only take him out to go potty. Any experienced this and have some tips before I take him to the vet? Thanks!
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