September 5th, 2005

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Roman is finally settling into the home. The Yorkies are getting used to him, and vice versa. There's only one problem: he won't crate!

I need to crate him because Tues/Thurs I have classes from 8:30-4. I wanted to get a pup before I started the fall semester but I wound up getting Roman days before the first day back to class. When i put him in the crate, he SCREAMS. Seriously, he sounds like that French Bulldog thing online that passed through here a few posts ago. I'm trying to just be consistent and let him cry and settle down....but he's not settling down. It's been an hour now and he's still going nuts. What should I do?????

Do I keep him in there or take him out? How long is TOO long if he's crying like this????

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Ashton and I are finally back to our own home. We had quite an adventure.

We evacuated to Baytown, Texas, a usual 5 hr drive, turn 16 hour drive. There, we stayed in a hotel from Sunday night to early Wednesday morning. Ashton loved it at the hotel, he even visited the neighbors at both sides of us. They didn't mind, one family had to leave their dog behind with family who stayed because they didn't know if the hotel would allow their beloved boston/rat terrier mix into the room. Ashton gave them comfort and the canine companionship they seemed to have needed. He made quite a few canine frieds there, also. A Caine Corso, a Boxer puppy, numerous Wiener dogs, a Pitbull and a Corgi mix.

The way home was a lot more pleasent than the ride there, except for the ac going out in my car, but no worries, I cared for us by stopping and looking for a car service shop and got them to put frion for my AC.

We got home to some damage. Shingles missing from the roof, my room had the most damage. I had up to an inch of water in parts of Ashton and I's room. We have to start over in there.

Ashton and I spent Wednesday - Friday night in the tug boat that my dad works on. There was air condition there and that was my main worry for Ashton. If he wouldn't have been allowed on the boat, I would have stayed at home with him in the heat.

Ashton and I spent Saturday night at my grandmother's house. I was going stir crazy on that boat and was highly frustrated. Was unable to contact my boyfriend there and I'm a private person, having to share a tiny room with 2 other people.

Sunday night, we finally regained power at home. It felt so good to be home.

Thank you all for the well wishes. Ashton and I are VERY fortunate to be able to come home and still have a place to live.

Please keep all of the victims of Katrina in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you.

Lots of love,

Amber and Ashton
Bentley and Niko
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Proud Bentley

He's proud that so many communities are coming together to help.

I'm going to auction off some prints through this, kind of a cool idea,
We also have some of the displaced people here in Phoenix, flown into the Veterans Colloseum last night, they're setting up housing for them also. This is all just so... much.
Turtle: Not Again

Dogs, Dogs, Everywhere

Our home has turned into a Kennel with my mother-in-law's two shih-tzus, Coco & Maggie, Mom's Golden Retriever, Molly, and our two Boston Terriers, Tiki & Delilah. :)

Lilah in Tiki's spot
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Tiki didn't mind, she could still squirrel watch!
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