September 9th, 2005

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Hi, I just joined, and I'm happy to be here! I've really loved looking back through the posts here and seeing all the adorable pictures!

I've never technically been a Boston owner, but they are very close to my heart. Several years ago my mom adopted one named Petunia. At first we were just Petunia's foster family, a place for her to stay while she recovered from a broken pelvis that had been the result of her being thrown out of a car. :( But as soon as she arrived I think we all knew she'd be sticking around.

Eventually she recovered from her injuries and was the sweetest, most wonderful dog I've ever known. She had breathing problems and was going blind with cataracts. She had surgery to help with her breathing and had one of her eyes fixed. This spring, just before she was going to have surgery on her other eye, she was hit by a truck and killed.

When my mom called to tell me, she was so hysterical that at first I thought something had happened to my dad. It was weeks before my mom made it through a day without crying. She and Petunia had been best friends; Petunia even went to work with her every day.

Now, however, I am happy to report that my mom is ready for a new Boston, this time a puppy! We are going to pick her up tomorrow; I think her name will be Periwinkle. I am very excited and can't wait to puppysit when my parents go out of town.

Also, later this month I'm moving in with a friend who has a Boston/Jack Russell mix. He doesn't look much like a Boston - in fact, he sort of looks like a hyena - but I'm sure I'll love him anyway. :)

Can you say PRINCESS?

I found this little dress at Target today.. it was only $7! Woohoo

Of course I came straight home to play dress up, this is my first girl.. okay? :]

She'll probably never wear it outside, but the photo shoot alone was worth the 7 bucks.. and if I can't find a Halloween costume I like, we've got back up ♥

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BTs and other animals

Hey, just have a quick question. I have 2 cats, and I'm probably going to be getting a bunny. I'm getting a Boston as soon as I graduate college and move into an apartment that allows dogs. I was wondering if anyone else on here has other pets (besides dogs) and how their Bostons got along with them. I'm thinking if I get a puppy, it will grow up with the cats and possible bunny and it shouldn't be a problem having them all live together. Any ideas or experiences? Thanks :)
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Big problem maybe

Okay, I need some serious advice here. I think Charlie may have an aggression problem. He is about 10-11 weeks now. I know he is a terrier and he is a puppy and he has limitless energy....I have had dogs and am used to this. What I am concerned about is the fact that every single time I try to play with him, all he does is lunge at my face, growl, bark, and bite anywhere he can. He very rarely licks or does anything nice. I know this just might be his way of trying to play, but I am concerned and so is my mother about the level of aggression. If he is in an "energetic" mood, even if I am just sitting there without moving a muscle, he lunges at my face and snaps at everything. Mom says there will be a difference after he is neutered. I just don't know though. Did anyone else have this problem? What happens if he really is an overly aggressive dog? I don't understand it....all I do is feed him and take care of him and play with him. Also, when I try to hold him a certain way, he growls and barks and tries to bite my hand until I put him down. When my mom was holding him the same way, he was calm and licking her hand. I've never done anything to make Charlie fear me....I've made absolutely sure not to. I just don't understand. Please is breaking my heart.