September 10th, 2005

Silly Seamus

I just had Seamus out for his morning pee and these woman doing their power walking stopped to pet him. The one asked me what kind of dog he is, so I told her Boxer Boston Terrier mix. She looks up at me and says what parts do you think are Boston Terrier? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I don't know MAYBE THOSE EARS ARE A CLUE? hahahahahha
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Any one else have issues with their darling getting so agitated when say the garbage truck comes (or plows, street cleaners, road crew a few streets over, etc) that said darling finds foul foul foul contents from the back end of their back end and lets it go all over. Been putting up with Sky's agitated poop for several years now. And getting him out to make potties before hand does no good. I think he materialises intestina content just for the sole purpose of doing this on garbage day (which is usually friday but pushed back because of the holiday.

So any one come across something similar and found a way to fix it?


Just curious...
Buster is 16 mos old. He has not been neutered. Mind you, every dog or cat I have ever had has been fixed as soon as possible. I was going to get Buster neutered at the Humane Society because of the low cost. I ended up on a long waiting list...anyway, it just never happened. It has not been an issue, because he's never around other dogs unsupervised. Trust me, I'm a responsible pet owner, I hear what Bob Barker is saying, and I spoil this guy like he's my child!
Now, I'm worried if I have him neutered it may change his personality, or, maybe he'll be mad at me... It's hard to think that won't have any affect. Just wondering if anyone else waited this long, and if there were any issues...
And another question, I know females need to be spayed because of health concerns later on in life, are there these same concerns for males?


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quick update

roman = doing awesome.

potty training roman = doing awesomely bad.

roman is situated well and all is ok. my dad is kinda coming around to him, but still reserved about the whole situation. roman is my very first puppy so now that he's here, bear with my questions that are most likely annoying and asked already.

i read that a puppy finally becomes officially house trained when he's around 6 months.

he's only 9 weeks! eep! i am trying to research ways on how to make training go better. can anyone recommend anything to me??? i've been treating and emphasizing my praise when he goes outside, which is the type of training i want to do. any other tips?


Hey there doggies!

I have to say that I've really enjoyed everyones boston pics. They are all adorable...
I'm new here... i was directed here from an lj friend.
I have one boston terrior(Cliff), and a boston/jack russell mix (norma). And I love them dearly as I'm sure you all love your dogs...

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