September 13th, 2005


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I love my dog. I really do.

But to watch him chase this Kong around in circles for 2-3 minutes until he remembers to put his foot on it just leads me to believe he's not the smartest kid.
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I just wanted to thank you all for all the advice you gave me about Periwinkle. I told my mom a lot of what you said, and ended up emailing a link to the thread to her, and I think it's done a lot to reassure her.

This is one of the first LJ communities I've come across that actually feels like a community. I'm so glad I joined! :)

Lookin' for some Nasty!?!

Some time back, someone posted a request for some little McDonald's toys. I can't remember who it was, but they were looking for some Teenie Beanie Anteaters, affectionaltly named Nasty. I have kept my eyes peeled all summer long for them, and lo and behold, I found 2, yes TWO, of them at the Salvation Army. If you are still interested in them or if someone can remembr who was looking for a Nasty, let me know. I will hang on to them for a few days and if I don't hear from anyone, they become property of the Deez.

Funny how the item stuck in my head, but I can't remember WHO wanted them...
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as some/all of you may remember, i'm adopting this guy... and i need to decide on a name for him. heres what i have come up with so far...


which would you choose? i think i'm leaning towards buckley and dublin. i like buckley because bugly is his current name, and the two sound the same, so he wouldnt have to learn a new name. also because of the royal tenenbaums reference, cause i love that movie. i like dublin because well... red hair... irish... dublin. it just fits i think. actually, now that i've put it down on figurative paper, i think i like dublin the most, but i still want to hear your choices... cause maybe you'll change my mind :) if you can give a reason, it would be a plus.
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More Crazy Hog and a little LU

Hog is completely OCD over this basketball my husband has. He is insane with it. He wont stop biting it and screaming over it. He is so insane.

Click here to watch 'HogBall'

Oh and notice how high Hog can jump. Crazy high. He is jumping all the way to the countertop for the ball haha.

My husband for some odd reason wanted me to film Lulu right here. I was supposed to be zooming in on her face but I dont know how haha.

Click here to watch 'LulyFly'
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Heloo from a new buddy!

Hi guys! I have read through here a few times, and figured I should join. I do not have a purebred Boston, but my little Diesel is a boston/chihuahua cross :)
He's not as small as you might think he would be, and weighs 16 lbs!! He has long long legs and curls up like a little fawn when he sleep. He JUST turned 1 year old on September 9th and is the sweetest, most emotional little critter I have ever met :)

His halloween costume....

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ok in light of the great video response, i had to spend a lot of time compressing video of older dog stuff.. it is fun

this is a music video I made..

this is a remote control truck.. we tried to do jurrasic park, but i couldn't stop laughing

this is a longer video of weezer and the blower, and then connected is weezer and his big ball, chasing it through the house.

he really likes the basketball too, he barks at it, and runs around the house like that .. then he crashes like this