September 17th, 2005

bat lady

Fizzgig pictures!

As promised, I got a disposable camera and took pictures. Unfortunately the flash on the camera was broken, so only the outdoor pictures showed up. Anyway, without further ado:

This is my favorite picture, he looks so adorable.
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eight year old me

And then there's this...

For anyone interested in the on-going Pugsley/Klein Animal Shelter saga, I finally recieved a response from them.  It's been 24 days since they were informed of Pugsley's condition, and 16 since they screamed and hung up on me in regards to their negligent care of him.  The paper trail, while terribly sad to read, is here:

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Hello, KLTV and The Jacksonville Progress. I can't just let these people send me a form letter and convince myself to let it go. Other animals could be dying. How could I NOT reach out to every available media outlet? I sincerely hope this ends well, for the puppies and the for the other people involved...

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i went to the boston terrier meet up again today. this time i didnt have my boyfriend with me to help me out when the pigs wander off, so i was only able to take one... and it was only fair to take dublin. i think i'm going to go to a different boston meetup tomorrow and bring all three :)

everyone loved dublin. a few people kept saying how cute it was that he carried his fish around with him everywhere. the other dogs would chase him cause they wanted to steal it from him.

heres a few pictures. i'll try to post more later.

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Several years ago, when my boston was pregnant with her 4 perfect babies, the day before she delivered, she broke out in hives that progressed until the next morning she was all disfigured and lumpy, horribly traumatizing! I was staying at the breeder's house for the pregnancy because they were taking care of the delivery, and I asked him about the hives, and he told me she was allergic to her own maternal horomones, and that her mother had been the same for her pregnancy. After the babies were delivered, the hives vanished, never to return, until now.

Recently, I purchased a few guinea pigs, and Rista, poor darling, thinks that the little squeaks and the smells and she cleans their faces and bums, she thinks they're her babies, or babies in general. It's sad, because Rista was never crazy about being a mum, but instinct is stronger. And even though she was spayed last year, she's exploded in hives, it's so horrible!! It doesn't bother her any, but she does get a bit itchy and hot. I bought her bubble gum flavoured antihistamine and have been giving her child doses, her tummy lumps and blotches cleared up, but her back and face are getting more lumpy, I'm afraid I'll wake up tmo and she'll be all "Igor" again, it's so upsetting to see, even though she's really ok.

Right now she's stressed out and pacing and panting, poor baby, I'm hoping it will pass soon.