September 18th, 2005


Life with a terrorist.

We have been planning on selling our house to move to a newer/bigger place for about a year now. Something always seems to come up, though. Apparently, 'someone' doesn't want to move.

Now, to be fair, the very good thing about the monster is that he is learning to entertain himself so he is not crawling over top of his Mommies (in his eyes Mommies=jungle gym) 24/7, he entertains himself with a variety of toys. Or, in some cases, 'made up' toys, like my hairbrush or whatever else he finds 'lying around.' I am so envious of those of you who post pics of your doggies napping and cuddling and sleeping. That happens here..umm.. never!

Well, this time, the 'toy' was a near-full bottle of india ink. India ink = the blackest, inkiest ink that ever inked.

So, goodbye carpets! Becuase this is no ordinary spill. Somehow, he managed to twist the lid off, as the bottle and lid are still perfectly intact, yet the contents are EVERYWHERE there is carpet - stairs, landing. (Not to mention all over the wooden floors, but that easily wiped off, and a spot on the couch, which doesn't come off at all.) Making our house virtually unsellable until we replace the carpets. And since that expense is NOT in our budget, selling is off.

Luckily, regular dog shampoo took the ink of someone's little white paws and face. Too bad dog shampoo didn't work on carpets.

We have decided to embrace this and focus on the rest of the renos we should've already done (ie. the bathroom!) and put off because we wanted to move. But truly, is it a wise decision to move into a new house with a puppy still hellbent on destroying stuff? I'm taking this is a big ol' sign that the answer is a resounding NO.

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i love my furry kid

I was upstairs and he's downstairs barking at nothing (i went down and looked) he quiets down i go back upstairs...


"Schuyler hush," says me


"Schuyler Kings Ransom!, quiet down, there's nothing there" says me

"bark bark bouf bouf ... bouf" says Sky.

I love it when they listen to what you say... i never told him to stop barking... i just told him to quiet down... which he did. Still barking just quieter.
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Ruby kisses

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I took Ruby today to her first charity dog walk! It was $25 for registration, and I got a really nice goody bag and a couple hours in a park with a bunch of other dogs.

Ruby wasn't the most friendly pooch towards other dogs, but she wasn't a vicious bitch either. She was the only Boston Terrier at the event.
I think that if I take her to a few more events she'll get used to being around dogs four times her size. The way she stared down a Great Dane was absolutely priceless.
Also, watching her test her sea legs in the bay only to be frightened off by a tiny wave was hilarious. She got the nerve up to sniff around the water after watching the other dogs jump right in and swim like crazy. She scooted up, tested with her paws, and started to get into deeper water. I was so excited for her - then a boat went by, created a wake, and the waves made her jump straight up in the air and run for the woods as fast as she could possibly drag me.
I'm uber pissed I forgot to take my camera.

Next weekend there is another Charity Dog Walk that I will be taking her to, in case anyone else with a dog in the Long Island area is interested!