September 21st, 2005

Rascal the Great!

Quit freaking out on me please : )

Okay, in response to your responses in this post please quit freaking out on me! :) I know about the dangers of breeding these dogs. I know she'll most likely have to have a c-section and OF COURSE I'm going to talk it over with SEVERAL vets before I do anything! I just wanted to feel it out see if anyone here had any experience with dog breeding. I didn't mean to anger anyone. Believe me this is something I would do possibly a year or two in the future when I know enough about it. I believe her former owner had her genetically tested but I'm not sure. She is registered with the AKC. I believe she's a very good Boston but I'll certainly get her genetically tested. I ABSOLUTELY wouldn't want to breed sick dogs! She has beautiful markings though, she originally cost $1200 and from what I know she comes from a great line of Bostons. I don't know if I will breed her but I want to keep the option open for a little while longer. She may have potential here. I'd only give the puppies away to family members or to homes I knew were great ones. I also want to keep a male. I'm not doing it to make money. I actually just want her to be able to experience sex in her lifetime, the joy of motherhood and having a son to be her companion. Of course I'm not going to start any puppy mill or anything like that!

Right now I'm mainly just concerned with the heat and if I should keep her away from other dogs. She doesn't really meet any other dogs except for the dog park and walking her on a leash. I just want to know if other male dogs are going to attack her etc. This is my main concern right now since I live in a big city. Also, are there any drugs I could give her to help alleviate cramping etc? I've had female dogs before but we lived way out in the country and these dogs never came in contact with other dogs.

Thanks again and sorry if I angered anyone!

Introducing Miss Zoe

Hello, everyone. As a new member of this great group, I thought I'd introduce the main attraction: Miss Zoe. She was born April of 2004. She enjoys playing with her "big brother", Sam, who is a lab, as well as scrounging through the bathroom trash can looking for things to tear up. She also likes walks in the park and befriends anyone who will say hello to her or talks about how cute she is. Her favorite foods besides her beefy main dish are popcorn & ice cream. She also eats ice. Not very tall and not weighing very much, she has become the Princess of the household, affectionally called the Princess Pup. (Usually just by me. I haven't convinced the others to call her that yet, but working on it.) She says to tell all the other pups hello, and that she's happy to be a part of this group.

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