September 22nd, 2005

nap and i


Napoleons getting his boy parts chopped off tomorrow morning, well in a few hrs, i drop him off at the vet , im gonna miss him, not having him here for 24 hrs poor fella,

i hope everything goes good, and hes not to sick when he comes home!

how was all your babbies after being fixed, what should i expect
boston terrier cute

Back from the Vet

Just got back from the vet with Lulu. I changed vets so it was the first time she has been to this new one As soon as I walked in and everyone was ohhhing and aweeeing and a nurse took her off to the back to go show everyone. When she returned she was wearing the little bandana you see in the pics haha.

Lu has a bacterial infection :( The doctor said she could have picked it up anywhere really. Bostons just have sensitive skin. She has antibiotics and a spray I can spray on her, hog, and even me if i have a rash ever. I need to bathe with her the shampoo I have like twice a week as well Poor little girl! I hope she stops itching hurting soon The nurse also said I need to clean out her ears daily because they looked a little scaly looking

She said when they look like that it means they are going to get a yeast infection soon. I pray she doesnt get one! I was shocked to hear she weighs almost 9 1/2 pounds!!! She will be 3 months old today I was looking through Hog's vet records today and he weighed just 8 pounds at 5 months!! She is going to be huge!

Anywhere here are some pics of the sick little Belle

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Fleas and frontline question...

Kermie has never had a problem with fleas. We have had her on Frontline and our apartment gets sprayed so no problem. We went and stayed with my in-laws last weekend and they admitted they have had an issue with fleas. When we got home I gave Kermie a bath but I have noticed she has been scratching a lot more lately. I have seen a few on her but she HATES for me to look and won't sit still long enough for me to get them. Anyways, she is due for her next Frontline treatment on Sunday. Is there any benefit or harm it giving it early? I know it is just a few days but I want to make sure and I want to nip these fleas in the bud!

Jumping on the putfile wagon

Ok I have to explain, Gracie loves to recive kisses, even more than she loves to give them. She will jump up on your chest while sitting on the couch or in a computer chair, and she will lay down on your chest and lay her head and cheek right on your face, almost smothering you waiting for kisses, and if you dont give them to her, she will give them to you, but she will lie there as long as you kiss her cheek.

I labled it kissdogs
video here

and this is a video of what it looks like when mom comes home I'm sure you ahve all seen this scene

video here
Army wife

Charlie's tent

Okay, I don't know HOW this happened, but Charlie was playing in his playpen and a few minutes later I turn around and see that he has somehow turned his bed into a tent and fallen asleep under it. I found it hilarious....thought I'd share a pic.


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