September 23rd, 2005

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Yay for Boston Terriers!

Hey there everyone!
This post is going to sound completely out of nowhere and I have to say, it probably is, but only somewhat.
My name is Shelley and I'm currently producing a short film based on a Chuck Palahnuik short story. We are in need of a Boston Terrier in the Boston area (imagine that!) for a few days of light shooting. It would only involved the dog sitting in a car and then perhaps walking around a bit. If you have a dog you'd be so generous to offer to our ambitious film crew or know of someone who has one that might be interested, please please please email us at

Thanks for your time!

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When we first adopted Hazel, I thought that I would be dealing with non-stop BT 500's & bitey face foreverrrr. In the beginning they NEVER settled down, but thankfully (for my sanity) after a little over a month of living with us.. Hazel & Zeke are much more settled together, they lounge around a lot more & actually sleep part of the day!! :)

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