September 24th, 2005

Bentley and Niko
  • satyr8

poor lil' sicky

It's been a while since I posted. Bentley got trampled at the dog park last Saturday. I didn't see it, but Steve said it looked like one of the bigger dogs ( it was a pack of like 5 or 6) practically punched the under-side of his chin as the tromped over him with their big mean paws. He has gotten "rolled" before, where a dog will run over him playfully and he rolls out of it pretty well. This time he didn't fare too well, and by Sunday night he was having breathing problems. He woke me up every hour unable to rest completely without waking with snorting and snotting.

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Heads up

Don't know if anyone cares or if it was just my local store but PetsMart had 3lb bags of Nutro Max -Senior displayed as a trial for $1.49... Limited to 1

i thought it was a pretty good deal, I hope he likes it. I havent' been able to get him to eat dry food since he was little. And i'm getting tired of the fact that i can hose off the lawn instead of having to pick stuff up. (exagerating a bit)