September 25th, 2005


logan for march!

hey guys this is my logan that i don't get a whole lot of pics of, but since my b-day is saint pattys day we HAD to get him this outfit.

i know, i have cherry eye, but my mommy loves me and that's all that matters

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i'm sure someone will let me know if these are too big, i swear i've resized, but photobucket is being dumb. sorry.
okay thank you!!!!!

To catch a thief....

Since everyone is posting videos, I figured I'd put this one's from a couple weeks ago when I was hanging out at my mom's house with Tux. Late Friday night, I discovered that he had ransacked my suitcase...and found a new favorite toy. Warning= this video contains ladies' underwear, and me yelling in a very silly voice.

You're chewing on WHAT?
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Winnie da poop!
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Yikes! I forgot to thank cajunsunshyne for loaning me some space for Winston's Calendar pictures. She's such a doll. I think it's awesome that she's doing our boston_buddies calendar again this year. I can't wait to start voting. It's gonna be so hard!
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bat lady

Calendar Entries

I wish I had some better pictures of the Fizzgig. I was going to dress him up for each month and use props. But I ran out of time, so next year. Anyway, here's what I got:

April cause he's got huge bunny ears:

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